Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An update...

LMBO! I guess I better put you all at ease over Tyler's work dilemma. Don't worry, all is well. See, the friend of his that called from work didn't realize that he and another co-worker had traded hours/days. She worked for him yesterday, and he's working for her today. Lol, just a little miscommunication. No worries.

This afternoon I'll be working at our youth groups fireworks tent in our church parking lot. So, if your buying fireworks in our area this year, please come to the Forest Grove Assembly of God church or the Fred Meyer parking lot in Cornelius to buy your fireworks! All proceeds go to helping send our youth group to Snow camp in the winter and to the beach in the summer, plus buy new games and such for the building. Our church has a very large group that meets on Thursday nights. It is really more of an outreach to our community kids. Then on Sunday evenings we have a smaller youth group that meets to minister to our church youth. God does some amazing things with those kids. It's an awesome thing to witness!

Right now I'm working on trying to get caught up on my "His Holy Name" challenge from I've been very bad about keeping up on that one. In fact, I have only done 6 out of 13 challenges. But I refuse to give up. I will get caught up and I will complete it. Just to remind you... This challenge is actually a year long challenge. Every other week they give you a new name we call our Heavenly Father, and you scrap a page however you want with it. I'm making mine 4x6 double-sided cards that I keep in a box that I scrapped. So far I have completed Holy, Sovereign, Protector, Righteous, Creator, and Almighty. The one I'm working on now is King. I'm studying the bible for verses that refer to Him as King and choosing the ones I want to use on my layout. When I am done with my card I will be back to share it with you. So, until then... c'ya!


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