Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Life has got me going crazy...

I have been so busy... Busy with life, Busy scrappin', Busy being sick! Ach! We all have this horrible virus that's making it's rounds through our house. Just when you think it;s gone, WHAM! It's back again. Poor Little ones have got it pretty bad. But I want you to know I am still alive and scrappin'! Hehe.

Oooh! I got a new toy last Friday! I LOVE tax season. We always come out ahead in the end, so I got to get myself a little goodie! I got me an iPod Touch and I am LOVING it! It is so much fun! Hubby thought I'd never relay use it, thinking it's really just a glorified MP3 player, but HA! It's so much more! I am finally keeping up on my emails SO much better. I don't have to sit up in my room in front of the computer anymore. I can check it in the car (well, as a passing, hehe), in the living room, even in the bathroom! LOL I am hooked on Solitaire, too. I'm just having a little fun. Tell me what else I can do with it... I'd love to hear from you!

As I said, I have been scrappin' as well. I finished another LO as a SunshineStudioScraps (SSS) CT Member. It's called "For the love of Nature". I used Juno Designs' kit called "Another Sunny Day". It's a beautiful kit, especially the big sunflower. You can find it in their store here. And here's my LO:

I took the photos last summer out on Gales Creek. It was a beautiful day and we all really enjoyed ourselves. I'm glad I got to scrap it.

I also completed my February Desktop Calendar. I used a kit called "No. 9" also from SSS. I didn't have any good photos of DH and I so I left it blank hoping to get some on Valentine's Day, but we ended up being sick and watching everyone else's kids, so we didn't get to do anything after all. But the LO turned out cute.

I also finished a brag book page for a challenge over on GottaPixel
It's the first Brag Book Page I've ever done, but I think it turned out pretty cute.

We were suppose to leave the frames empty because when you turn them in then you get everyone elses page too. The theory is that then you'll have a whole album of coordinating pages. Cute, huh?

Oh! And one more thing. I almost forgot to share! When you go check out SunshineStudioScraps look for this cool, new kit.
It's by Moon Scraps and it's called "Born to be Wild". Go check it out, it may be just the kit you've been looking for.

Well, that's about it for tonight. I better go take my nyquil and get to bed. But I'll be back. Till then...c'ya!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Look, Look!

I want to share with you 2 beautiful kits over at SunshineStudioScraps. The first one is this new kit by Scrap-idea timkova, called "Be Mine". Look at all the beautiful colors and all the elements. Gorgeous!

They also have "Gentle Frost" by Designz by Kristi. This one is perfect for all those wintery photos. I love the detail and all the sparkle. Beautiful!

Well, what are you waiting for?! Head on over to SunshineStudioScraps and get these kits for yourself! You won't be sorry.
I'll be back to share my next project with you. Until then...C'ya!

Monday, February 9, 2009

well, I've got some catching up to do!

First of all, as I noted in my last post, I am officially a Creative Team Member over a t SunshineStudioScraps! I have made 2 LO so far.
#1 is a LO I made using PolkaDotPlum's kit called "Her First Kiss". This LO did double duty for me as I also used it for an elements challenge over at GoDigitalScrapbooking. We had to include 10 specific things in our page, one of them being the little heart embellishment at the top.
#2 is a LO I made of my sweet little niece Natalie. I used Mish Bowley's kit called "Color Theory in Blue".
Also like I said before, I've been busy making some cards too. I've had some friends that needed some extra love, so I made this using Alisha Hess's kit called "In The Country".
From KJ Kreations

And some Valentine's day cards. This is one I made specifically for a friend using Sherri Tierney's kit called "X's And O's":
From KJ Kreations

I made these just in case, but I don't remember the kits I used (sorry!)
From KJ Kreations
From KJ Kreations

And I made some really cute ones that I thought Zach could use for his class party, but when I showed them to him he said, "Really Mom? Aren't they a little to babyish for me?" lol He's only in the 1st grade! My goodness, they grow up so fast. I used Kristin Aagard's kit called "Love Buggies" for these.
From KJ Kreations
From KJ Kreations
Well, It's 12:30 am, so I think I better be done for the night. I hope you enjoyed my recent work. I'll be back with more soon since I'm behind on my "His Holy Name" pages. DRAT! I'll be back to share that soon. Until then...c'ya!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Wow! Life can get crazy FAST!

Hi! I'm popping in for a quick update.
YAY! I heard from SunshineStudioScraps! So now I've gotta make time to get some LOs done. I've been running like a chicken with it's head cut off lately, and not feeling real great in the mean time. I had to make a LOT of birthday, an anniversary, and 3 get well cards this weekend.
One of my friends had her thyroid removed on Thursday. She's been on meds for years already because of it and it's gotten worse lately, so they decided to remove it. Her surgery went well and she got to go home the next day.
Another friend had a ganglion cyst removed from her wrist on Friday. It was HUGE. I get one too, but I smack it real hard and it pops. Hers was bigger than any I have ever seen! She said even the nurses were calling each other over going,"Look at this! I've never seen one get so big!" LOL
And my friend who is living here with me has been to the ER twice since yesterday. She's been very crampy and then yesterday she started bleeding, so my brother took her to the hospital. They found out that she had had a miscarriage, but they also thought she had appendicitis. They've ran test and were able to rule out her appendix, but she has swollen glands in her lower abdomen. They think they got infected when she had a staph infection in her leg. She's been on meds for that but they are giving her a stronger RX. Hopefully she gets better real quick now. She's been in a lot of pain. Keep her in your prayers, would ya?
I have 6 birthdays in February that I made cards for. Also my friends anniversary and LOTS of Valentines! I'll share them when I have time to get on my PC. I'm on my laptop and juggling 2 of my little nieces right now. One needs to take a nap but is refusing to give in, and the other just woke up from one. And I NEED one! DH is sleeping on the couch right now. NICE! Rub it in! LOL
Anyway, I better go take care of my little screamer. She really needs to go to sleep. Maybe if I rock her we'll both fall asleep. :)
I'll be back soon. I want to show you some of those Valentine cards I made. I'm really pleased with them. Till then...c'ya!