Monday, January 24, 2011

Time to make a card...

I have been so busy with life that I haven't had a chance to make any new cards lately. But today that had to change. As you may or may not already know we have recently moved my Grandparents in to our house. I feel SO blessed that we can do this for them, but at the same time, I never realized how much work it would be. As my hubby said the other day, "Who knew raising Grandparents was so exhausting!" :) Hehe God bless him! He has his hands so full. I don't know how he keeps going.
Anyway, today one of Grandma's friends from church came out to sit with her while I caught up on some much needed rest. Oh my, how I appreciated that! So, I wanted to make her a card to show  my appreciation!
I followed a sketch posted at Paper Craft Planet, you can find the challenge here. You can see that my card resembles the sketch, but I felt a little creative so I changed it up just a bit and I LOVE the result. I hope our friend will too! Here is my card and the sketch:

I also made an inside to match, but it has my personal note to her, so I won't share that. But I do love for the inside of my cards to match my outsides. Just one of my "things", lol.

The kit I used is by Ellie Lash. It isn't available yet (one of the fabulous perks of being on her CT!), but keep watching my blog and I will let you know when and where you can get it! Believe me, it's Bloomin' Beautiful! ;)

Well, Monday's over and a new day is beginning! I hope it's a great one for you all!

Friday, January 21, 2011

He Loves Me...

Well, my hubby DOES love me, but I'm talking about Ellie Lash's new kit "He Loves Me". I had the pleasure of working with it this week and I just LOVE it! It is SO cute, but also very elegant. You can find my newest QP set in Ellie's store, and, as always, it's 30% off this weekend only! The image is linked to the store, so check it out!

Of course, I also have a QP freebie for you. I hope you like it!

I also made a Freebie for Ellie's CT Blog. It includes a Paper Stack, Cluster and Word Art. Click the image to find that one.

I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful weekend for you! Enjoy!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


My Gingerbread QP pack is now available in the Ellie's personal Shop and it's 30% off this weekend! That makes it only $2.44. But after Sunday it will be full price at $3.49, so you better hurry if you want that discount! Here is it again:

I am now working with one of Ellie's newest kits, "He Loves Me". I LOVE this kit! It is SO adorable! In fact it's the kit I used to decorate my blog! ;) It's already in her shop, and at the same 30% discount through this weekend. Take a look, it's linked to the shop :

See? Isn't it too cute?! Don't you just LOVE that little froggy? My set will be finished very shortly and I just might have another freebie for you, too! So, watch for that!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, January 10, 2011

And now the BIG news!

I am SO excited to share some exciting news with you! I am always being told that I should sell some of my cards and scrapbook pages to make a little extra money. But I've never taken it too seriously. I do what I do because I love it! But! I thought about it some more, and since I love Ellie Lash's kits so much I decided to ask her if she would consider taking me on as a QP Artist. Guess what?! She said Yes!!WooHoo!

She has this adorable kit in her shop called Gingerbread that I had to honor of working with for my first set. Here is a preview of the kit:

And here is my first QP set, which is linked to the shop:

But, because I love you all so much I made a QP freebie that coordinates with the set to give you a little taste!  ;)

I really hope you like it and I hope you will enjoy all my QP sets that are soon to follow! Oh! But I'm not only doing QPs, I will also be making Cluster Frames, Stacked Papers, and possibly some word art sets with some of Ellie's kits! I'm so excited ! I hope you are too! Thanks for supporting my new adventure!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Hello everyone. I wanted to check in real quick and let you all know I am still here. In fact, I have some really exciting news to share, but I'm going to save that until next time.

I've been hoping and praying that the new year would be a start to better things, but Grandma and Grandpa have both been in and out of the hospital in the last week, in fact Grandma moved into the same room Grandpa had been released from just hours before! Grandpa is continuing his fight with Lymphoma and right now he's doing pretty good. He's been staying at out house because Grandma wasn't feeling well and we didn't want Grandpa to catch it. Well, we found out Grandma has a little bit of pneumonia. She's doing much better and should be out of the hospital in the next day or two. I think we will probably bring her here to our house too, just so we know they both have constant care and a healthy environment. Charles will go back to work on Monday, as well as the boys going back to school, so it is going to be a big adjustment, but I trust the Lord to supply for our needs, whatever they may be. I just ask that you will continue to keep us in your prayers. Both for strength and understanding for all of us, but also for the continued healing of both Grandma and Grandpa. I hate asking anything for myself, but if you would pray, please ask  the Lord to provide the means for us to make the changes to our house that need to be made so that it is more accommodating to Grandma and Grandpa. We have a half bath downstairs, but really need a full bath for them. It would also be SO helpful to have some kind of hard floors instead of the carpet to be able to move Grandpa around in his wheelchair and make it easier and more sanitary cleaning up any messes. :(
Anyway, I thank each and everyone of you for your continued love and prayer. You are each a blessing to me! Your words encourage me more than yo know!

xoxo, Krista