Sunday, October 31, 2010


Sorry I've been missing again. My Papa's been in and out of the hospital and not doing so good. So Charles and I have been spending a lot of time taking care of him and Grandma. In fact, tonight we are going to their house to hand out their candy to the little Trick-or-Treaters that they love to see each year.

So, in saying that, I just wanted to wish you all a

Have fun, but BE SAFE!

Monday, October 18, 2010

A little something from the past...

As I was going through my Picasa account I came across a page that I made back in 2008. I SO love the little story on it, and since I've never posted it before, and it's the perfect time of year for it, I thought I'd share it with you.

Sorry, I can't give credit where it's due, but like I said, I made this a couple years ago, before I knew the importance of keeping track of that information. And don't laugh at the simplicity of the page, lol. It was a long time ago!! HeHe.

Anyway, I hope you like it, too.

Take a look!

I am so blessed to work for such amazing designers! Today I want to show you what Rachael, of 'Creations By Rachael', has been up to.

Rachael just released two gorgeous new kits in her stores last week and you've got to see them! If you have any Fall photos you need scrapped, you'll find everything you need here. But these kits are so versatile they can be used for so many other themes as well.

Here is a look at "Colors Of Fall". It is absolutely beautiful! I love this kit for it's realistic elements. I love the flowers, the berries and all the leaves. The colors are bright and you can almost feel the crisp breeze blowing by. You can find it at Gotta Pixel, Scrap Matters and Plucky Pear. Take a look:

Wow, huh? I told you! And now take a look at "Frolic Thru Fall". This one is more fun with it's cute little scarecrow and silly little squirrel. The colors are a little less traditional than most Fall themed kits, but they work really well together! I love the bright turquoise and the rich browns together. It really adds to the crispy coolness of this beautiful time of year!
You can find "Frolic Thru Fall" at TheDigiChick. Take a look:

Here's a little hybrid project I did using a little bit of both kits, an old Starbucks bottle, 2 Alfredo sauce jars and some old ribbons left over from my paper scrapbooking days :)

And just one more thing! It was my turn to make a couple freebies for "Frolic Thru Fall". They're available for download on Rachael's blog. One is a cluster and the other is a clustered frame. If you haven't gone to pick them up yet, here's a look at what I made. I hope you like them!

I hope you are enjoying Autumn wherever you are! Get out there and take some photos of the beauty around you! And thanks for visiting me again!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Forget September...

Lol, it wan't a good month for me anyway. I hope it was better for you! My FM has had me down for WEEKS! I haven't felt this horrible in a long time, and with all the pain and exhaustion came a horrible depression. I'm calling my Dr. tomorrow to see if there's something else we can do. I also want to talk to her about my diagnosis. I have read a lot of information on Lupus lately, since a dear friend of mine has it, and we share very similar symptoms. Lupus is often mistakenly diagnosed as Fibromyalgia, so I'd just like to make sure. Please keep me in your prayers (I hate asking that, it sounds so selfish, but I really need it right now.)

Anyway, on to more pleasant news. I have been accepted onto a new CT! Well, let me clarify that. She doesn't exactly have a team yet, but she will be putting one together very soon. I just happen to love her stuff and asked her if I could work for her, and she said "Yes!" Never hurts to ask, huh? ;)
So, I now create for TeresaBelle Designs! She has a new kit out in her store called "A Little Fall" and it looks like this: (Click on the image to go directly to the store.)

I used that, along with one of her older kits, "Feel The Grunge":

And came up with this page, "Falling Leaves":

Remember, you can click my layout to view it full size.

I think it turned out really cool! I LOVE the photo I used for the blended background paper, but was never sure how I was going to be able to use it. "Feel The Grunge" made it work perfectly! Now, for some reason I'm not sure of, the page turned out a lot darker when I resized it for the web than the original was. If you have any ideas on how I can fix that, I'd love to hear it! Feel free to email me or just leave me a comment below! I LOVE getting your comments. It brightens my day!

I have managed to get a few other pages done, but I'll post those as I'm able, just highlighting the best ones, lol.

In other news... ;)
Our team over at Ellie's is participating in the BOTCTs (Battle of the Creative Teams) over at DSA. It runs for 1 month, and each week we are given very specific rules on making our next page. We have a certain amount of time to make our layouts as described in each challenge. Our first challenge is up and we have until Friday to complete it! I'll be back with a little more details on that and my page when I get it completed.

But for now, I must say Good Night! I'm hoping and praying for a restful night and to wake up in the morning miraculously painfree!! Our God is able! He is an Awesome God!