Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm back!

Sorry I was MIA for a little while. I haven't been feeling very well lately. LOTS of headaches and stiffness in my neck, and VERY nauseous! But, I'm better now! Unfortunately, my hubby seems to have caught it. :( Please pray for him, because whatever that bug is, it is NOT fun!

Anyway, there's a new kit in the SUN I wanted to show you! It's called "Lovely Garden" by Craft-tastrophic (try saying that one three times fast! lol). Lovely Garden is very versatile. It's full of brilliant, vividly colored papers, and more than 30 elements! My favorite thing is the daisy chain. So cute! I have the perfect picture for this kit! Check it out for yourself! The image below is linked so you can click it to go straight to the store.
I'm off to scrap now. I missed not being able to sit here and work while I was sick. You all take care! I'll be back with something to share. Until then... C'ya!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's all about the PINK!

Ok, today is officially the first day of Fall, but it's been in the 90's most of the day today. What is going on? NOT that I'm complaining! I LOVE the sun. It energizes me! But the heat sucks it all back out again. Oh well, my niece, Toni, needed a nap today anyway. She's teething again and BOY was she mad about it today. So, I laid down with her, thinking it would only be for a few minutes, just till she fell asleep, and I woke up to her screaming about an hour later! HELLO! I'm up!

So... I went Saturday and got my hair cut. I've been teasing Charles for quite some time that I was going to put some pink in my hair, but he didn't believe me. I had decided this time that I was really going to do it... and I did! I got just 3 small layers done and I LOVE it! It's pretty subtle in that it just peeks through the rest of my hair. But, it is PINK! There's no mistaking it. My boys, of course, told me I am too old to do it, but that's exactly why I did do it. I am NOT old! I feel old alot, but I am NOT old! Maybe this is my mid-life crisis, IDK, but I really like my hair! It's fun and it's cute. :) It's me! Here's a pic, taken by Zach!

Speaking of pink... There's another new kit in the SUN. It's called "Rock Goddess". It's by Amanda Carlson, and it's adorable! It would a great kit to use for my new 'do! hehe Take a look:
Rock Goddess
Fun, huh? Check out her other stuff while you're in her store. She's got lots of great kits, element packs, and alphas. Something for everything!

I intend to get some scrappin done tonight, so I will be back when I have something to share! Until then... C'ya!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

2 beautiful new pages...

Hello there :) I hope you're having a great Sunday afternoon. The sun is shining and it's just beautiful out here today. Zach and I went to a birthday party today after church for our little friend, Liam. Liam was the only other child, besides Zach, in my class the last year I taught kindergarten. So the 2 of them quickly became great friends and 2 years later still love to hang out together. We went to Papa's Pizza and Rachel and I were both reminded why we do little home birthday parties, rather than go all out at a party place. That place was PACKED! SO many little ones running around it was hard to keep track of just the 5 we had with us! lol Those kids were running around like chickens with their heads cut-off, I tell ya! Crazy! But we all had a great time! And Happy Birthday, again, Liam! We love you!

Man, I have just been pluggin' away over here this month! I just realized I've done 7 new layouts just in September! That's counting my new desktop as well. But I have 2 new ones to share with you. I love them both! I think they turned out beautifully! (Sometimes I really shock me!)
The first one is called "Reflect". It got it's name for 2 reasons. First off, The photos and the conversations I had with Charles that weekend made me think was doing a lot of reflecting. We talked a lot about how fast the kids have grown up, how his business has been doing so far, how great it was to take that time to relax and what a beautiful place to do it... just a lot of thinking out loud. Reflecting on the past... Secondly, the kit is called "Reflections" and I really liked that for the tone I wanted to set for this page. So, here it is:
I did this one for the 9/12 Scraplift at the Sun. The photos are of my hubby taken last weekend while we were out camping, and for once he didn't look like he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. He was just reflecting on God's beautiful handiwork all around us. Everything I used is from the kit 'Reflections' by the Wonder Girls in the SUN. And the font I used for my journaling is Century Gothic.
My next one is called "Breathless". It was done for a WordArt Challenge found here, also in the SUN. Tyler is, has always been, and probably always will be my daredevil child, the risk taker. He scares me every time I turn around. I'm always afraid he's so excited to do something new and extreme, that he doesn't see the danger in it. But... SO FAR... God has spared him from any serious injuries. Cuts, scrapes and bruises are par for the course with Tyler, but there have never been any broken bones. (Thank you, LORD!) Anyway, here he is getting ready to take his next Leap of Faith. Standing on this rock and looking down actually had him panicking for a few minutes. As we tried to talk him out of jumping, he was talking himself into doing it. And he did do it, but only once! ;) Here's my page:
The Word Art is by CaroB71 For 9/8/09 WA/Lyrics Challenge. The kit I used is called 'My Secret Garden' by Creations By Rachael. I got the tags from 'Lazy Days' by Chris Grieser. And the template is from 'Heaven Sent 2' a Wonder Girls Collab . All from the SUN.
The font I used is called English Script EF.

I hope you enjoy looking at my pages as much as I LOVE to make them ;) I am SO glad I stumbled into this world of Digital Scrapbooking. Before, all the photos I took either sat in an old shoe box or on ,my hard drive. I'm am so thrilled when someone looks through my album and says "Oh yea! I remember that!" Or "Wow, look how ______ has changed." There is no better feeling than to be able to make these memories with my children and then scrap it so they will always be remembered. Thanks for looking. I'll be back with more. Until then... C'ya!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September calendar

Yes, I know it's already the middle of September, but I haven't updated my desktop since JULY! And I got the CUTEST kit from Kristin Agaard called "Grade School" that was just screaming to be used on my desktop for this month. :) So, I used the photos I took of my boys on their first day back to school and made my desktop wallpaper. I think it's really cute and turned out well. What do you think?
I got this kit from ShabbyPickleDesigns.com, and when I was looking through the gallery I found a page done with this kit that just really caught my eye. I based my wallpaper on this layout by RealRach. She is very creative!

I've also been working on my new blog layout, but when I think I found the right kit to use, it just doesn't seem to have everything I want. Then I go looking again for another kit... and the same thing! lol So, I'm still working on that one. I do know it's going to be a Fall/Autumn theme and I've found some very pretty kits of that theme, but that just makes it harder to choose! :)

That's about all I've got tonight. I'm SO tired lately, so I'm going to bed.I'll be back as soon as I get something new done. Until then...C'ya!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

End of Summer...

Well, it's officially over. Summer vacation has come to an end. First Labor day, then the kids go back to school, and then comes our annual church campout. Every year we go out to "Big Eddy Campground". It's a nice little campground, but probably not one we would normally go to as a family. It's not very private, the sites are very close to one another and it's right along the highway. BUT, our church rents the entire campground each year and THAT makes all the difference. We know everyone around us and we all help each other out, whether it's watching out for each others children, or lending something that was forgotten in the packing process.

The weather this weekend was indeed GORGEOUS! I believe most of the church was in the river the better part of Saturday. Just floating on our inflatables of every size and shape, and enjoying the sun and each others company. Those are good times.
Unfortunately, those good times were cut short for my oldest son, Tyler, this year. He was relaxing on his air mattress out in the deepest part of the eddy when some of the other kids decided to throw rocks from shore trying to splash him. Well... one of those rocks hit him in the head and knocked him out for a couple seconds! My niece jumped in and got him up out of the water and back to shore, but he was gushing blood all down his face! Our church is blessed to have a couple who are both EMTs and they tended to him very quickly and said he'd be ok as long as it quit bleeding, which it did. Thank you, God!! Charles did run into town and bought a tube of super glue to keep it closed, because they did say it was was big/deep enough to benefit from stitches. Plus it would keep the bacteria out. These days, you go to the hospital and all they use is super glue anyway, so we might as well save ourselves a lot of money and purchase the glue rather than the ER visit. He does have a nasty gash and he wears his hair cut very short, so it quite nasty to see, but he's all good now. "Just another beauty mark", he says. ;) He's such a boy! In fact, after they got most of the blood stopped he tells me, "Mom, take a picture of it so I can see."

And now on to less queasy news ;)
There's a new kit in the SUN by LDrag Designs called "Serene Breeze" It is such a beautiful kit full of soft pastel yellow, green, blue and purple. The kit includes 16 papers, 2 alphas and LOTS of elements. You just have to take a look for yourself. The image below is linked, so go grab it!
I've got all my camping pics uploaded HERE, so you can go check them out. {Warning: There is one of Tyler's 'beauty mark'!}

That's it for tonight. But, I'll be back soon. Till then... C'ya!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

3 New layouts!

Have I told you how happy I am that the SUN is back up and shining? hehe ;) I've got new added responsibilities now, too. In fact, I am hosting my first Challenge today in the Forum. It's a Template Challenge. Go check it out! I have also posted for my first time on their blog and will again this Sunday. Watch for it! But, man, I've been so busy with all my new stuff that I've fallen behind in posting my latest pages! The were all done for 3 different challenges.

This first one is for the WordArt/Lyric Challenge. The challenge was to use a song with the words Blue Jeans in the lyrics. I found this old country song by Mel McDaniel called "Baby's got her blue jeans on", which was perfect for my photo since we all call my niece "Baby"! :)
The kit I used for this page is called "Denim" by Scrapidea-Tinkova and the template is from "Tell Me Stories Template Pack" by Digiland Designs, both found in the SUN. My font is called "My Own Topher".

This second one was for the Template Challenge that I am hosting. I recently went to my 20 year high school reunion. It was an all weekend event, but this photo was taken at our Girls Night Out! We had a blast!

This kit is called "Hellraiser", it's a Collab by the SUN Designers, and of course the template is provided if you come visit me in the challenge forum. The font I used in this one is called "The King and Queens font".

I have one more to show you that got kind'a lost in the shuffle. A few weekends ago we were on our way to my hubby's family reunion. Well, our Durango hadn't been running all that well and it began to run HOT! We ended up getting lost in Troutdale, which we are NOT familiar with, and over-heated! Needless to say, we never made it to the family reunion, but on our way back home we stopped at the Oregon Zoo to let the Durango cool down again. Fortunately for us we have a Zoo membership, so we just went in to pass the time (even tho we had just been there the weekend before, lol). We knew we wouldn't have to be there long, so we went straight to the exhibits that we don't usually have time to see and found that there was a new one which we had NEVER seen. That is where these photos came from:
The kits I used for this are "Zoo Baby" by RK Designs and "Safari" by Designs by Chris (which I can't find online anymore). The template was a freebie (rotated) from the Sketch Me Up Challenge over at ScrappinDigiKreations.com. And the fonts I used are "Trebuchet MS" and "Reservoir Grunge".

Well, I think that about catches me up. I can't wait until this weekend, though! We are going to our Annual Church Family Campout and the weather is suppose to be FABULOUS! I'll be taking lots of photos... IF I spend any time out of the water. LOL :) So until then... C'ya!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Birthday pages

So happy am I! SunshineStudioScrap.com is back online! YAY! I have missed them so badly! My scrappin' mojo seemed to be in hibernation while they were down! lmbo! But now it's back and I've already completed my first 2 pages.

My niece, Akaila, turned 6 years old at the end of July and I have just gotten around to scrappin' her special day. We had her party in a park in Hillsboro and it was a great day to be outside, almost too warm! But the kids found a way to cool off ;) Here's her page:

I used a kit called "Celebrate Add-on" by Cinzia Loosemoore and template 1 (modified) from "Tell Me A Story" Template Pack by Digiland Designs. Both can be found in the SUN.

I also used these same two products to make a page for Zach's 8th birthday. Yes, he really is already 8! {*sniffles* at the thought of my baby growing up so fast} He is going into the 2nd grade in just a matter of days and he is very excited because he got the teacher he wanted and quite a few of his friends from last year are in his class again this year. YAY! Anyway, here's Zach's page:

As you can see these are very versatile kits! I had a lot of fun using them!I hope you enjoy them.

I hope you all have a GREAT and SAFE Labor Day Weeekend. Unfortunately, we have no special plans, so I'll probably sit here and scrap to my hearts content :) So, I'm off now, but I'll be back when I have something to share. Until then...C'ya!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh Praise Him

I found this video and just HAD to share it. It is the video to the song "O Praise Him" by David Crowder Band. I love this song, but the video totally made me cry. I am one of those people that Loves to sing. I sing in my home, in my car (very loudly, even with the windows wide open), and for the occasional special at church. But the thought of doing what this guy did terrifies me. My prayer is that I can have the courage to share my praise and worship of my Heavenly Father with whoever wherever. Watch this: