Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well, I still haven't heard back from I've checked my email. I've checked in my account on their website. Nothing. Nada. Can you tell I'm a little bit anxious and not a very patient person? lol I'm just excited to get started. To see the very first kit I get to work with. Oh well, I'll keep you posted.
Today was very uneventful. My little ones behaved very well today (Thank you, Lord!). The littlest is trying to cut her first tooth and so yesterday she was very cranky! Nothing would soothe her. Today she was happy as a clam all day. Slept well, played really good. Works for me! lol
Tonight I went to church and helped in our Wednesday night children's program. It's called High Point. We didn't have very many kids tonight, about 10. I'm in charge of registration, taking attendance and such. Pretty much book keeping stuff. That's what I enjoy doing. Behind the scenes stuff.And I'm told I'm good at it, so that's what I do. :)
My youngest son got picked as Star Student this week! He's very excited about that. And we're very proud of him. Together we had to make a poster all about him. One of the "super cool facts" we wrote about him was that he collects puppies. Stuffed one. We actually went in to his bedroom and counted how many puppies he has on his bed at this very minute and were surprised by the total. He sleeps every night with 30 puppies in his bed! No wonder he ends up in my room before morning! That doesn't leave much room for him! lol I actually took a picture of him a while back with a few of his puppy family, as he calls them. This is a small example of his collection.
From Photo Of The Day

Isn't he sweet? And he has a name for every one of them. He names them when he gets them and remembers each name forever. He has such a big heart.
Well, that's about it for tonight. I hope to get a LO done by tomorrow. We'll see. It's already pretty late. Sweet dreams and peaceful slumber. :)
Until tomorrow... c'ya!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A little show and tell tonight :)

I am working on a couple different ongoing challenges at One of them is called His Holy Name. Each week we are given another name of God and then we research it in the bible. I'm really enjoying it. I'm finding verses in the Bible I have never read before and being blessed by them. I am making my LOs in a 4x6 2-sided format and then after printing them I am collecting them in a wooden box that I have scrapped just for this purpose. Here's the box:

From KJ Kreations

Remember, you can click on all my photos for a larger view.
So far 2 weeks have been posted. The name the first weeks was HOLY. Here's my LO for that:

The kit I used was "Nature's Breath" from I've had this kit for quite some time and I couldn't find it in their store just now, so they may not have it anymore.
The second weeks name was SOVEREIGN. Here's my lo:

The kit I used for this one was "Numb3rs" by
I hope you like what you see and maybe you'll think about joining the Challenge yourself! You will be blessed!
I need to go now and get caught up on my email. Maybe I have my first orders from! I'll check back in tomorrow. Till then... c'ya!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm still alive! lol

Of course right now I only feel half alive. I am soooo exhausted. My eyelids are drooping as I write this. :)
I did not realize it had been so long since I last posted! A lot has been happening around here to keep my busy. For instance, just today I had my 2 little nieces here for daycare (they are 7 months old and 5 years old) and then I also babysat my friends little girl (the one who's living here with us, she's 1 year old).My older niece goes to afternoon kindergarten, so she's gone for a 3 hour stretch in the afternoon. BUT, my darling hubby decides we need to go grocery shopping today. Yay! First of all, I HATE grocery shopping. It is one of my LEAST favorite things to do. But to add to the fun... let's take 2 little ones with us! Fortunately, I have a double stroller. I bought that back a little while ago thinking I was going to be watching another one of my nieces, but that fell through, so I've been thinking, "Why did I spend so much money on a stroller that I will never use?" So this was a great opportunity to break that in. And I have to say, I was a little leery about using it because it is SO LONG, but it worked out awesome! The girls were both on their VERY best behaviour. Seriously! I couldn't count how many other kids were screaming and throwing tantrums, but our girls were like little angels. :) And I kept telling them that all the way through the store too!
OH! I have some AWESOME news to share with you! I have been chosen to be a Creative Team Member for Sunshine Studio Scraps!!! YAY!!! I am SOOOO excited! I was really nervous I wouldn't get picked because I replied to the call after it had already ended, but they looked at my work and accepted me! I can't tell you how jazzed I am about it!! I'm sure you'll be seeing my work once I get started. I will, of course, be sharing it with you here. Watch for it. ;)
I have also made a decision about my POTD. There are so many days were I don't even think about taking out my camera. My life here is so repetitive and... well, boring really. So on days that I did not get out my camera I am going to share with you an older photo from my files. I figure, I've got tons of good photos, might as well share what I have. I will still try to remember to get out the camera each day too, but just in case, I have a back up plan... a plan B. LOL So for today I'm sharing a photo of my niece waiting, one sunny day a little while back, for her bus to come and take her to school. She LOVES school. To have kids who actually love to go to school is such a blessing! Here she is:
From Photo Of The Day
Cutie, huh?
Well, I better get to bed. My brain is going numb, LOL! I will be back tomorrow to show you the card I made for the "His Holy Name" Challenge. Until then... c'ya!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day! lol

Well, It's official. History is made in so many ways today. Two things I noticed while watching the inauguration that surprised me were these: 1.Obama quoted scripture. Are these HIS chosen words or the speech writers influence? 2. He was wearing a flag lapel pin on his jacket. Something he said he would not do. ok, now I have to tell the truth... I fell asleep during his VERY LONG speech... and I was busy getting Zach off to school to watch it from the beginning, so I'm wondering... did he sing the National Anthem? Speaking of Zach, my 7 year old... he was very impressed by the whole thing today. All the kids watched it in their schools, and Zach had a few questions and was able to tell me a lot about what he learned. I'm impressed!
OK, I did take a photo this morning. I tried to get a photo of the sunrise glistening on the frozen dew covered lawn. It did NOT look as pretty in the photo. The sun was just a huge orange circle and you couldn't see the sparkly grass. :( BUT! I did finish a LO! I'm applying in a CT(Creative Team)Member call for SweetBlossomDesigns. I already have done 1 LO with her product and she wants 3, so I completed another one today. The photo is of Tyler and Zach in front of Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach when we went there for the day with our friends The Cookman's in July of '07. The wind that day was HORRIBLE! And very COLD!(Typical of the Oregon Coast, actually.) But it did not stop the boys from going right into the water. Crazy Children! LOL Here's my LO:
Igot the template for this LO from PixelGypsy. It's a freebie from their January Designer Template Challenge. Go check them out. They have some BEAUTIFUL products.
I am also applying in another CT Member Call for Sunshine Studio Scraps. I am very excited to hear back from her. I've never been a CT Member before, but I know I would LOVE it! So much fun! Basically you get the newest kits by selected designers before the kits are available to the public. You make the required amount of LOs and post them in the designated Galleries and blogs as well as your own gallery and blog to help advertise for the designer. Just the idea of it tickles me. So pray for me, wish me luck, send good vibes... whatever it takes! ;)I'll let you know how it goes.
Hopefully tomorrow I can get a good POTD to share... until then, c'ya!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm still here...

Sorry about that. We have been going non-stop here at our house this weekend. We're trying to get our house ready for our guest. We are a family of HORRIBLE procrastinators and it usually takes something big, like a holiday or birthday, when we know we're going to have guests over to get the REAL cleaning done. Well, this guest will be staying longer than just a couple hours! LOL So we're talking all the REAL fun stuff... You know, showers, toilets... We had to move kids to different rooms which meant finally reaching under the bed and dressers, bottoms of the closets... Eew! ANYWAY, we're finally winding down, so I thought I'd better take this opportunity to play a little catch'up.
Saturdays POTD was taken when I walked past my cat, Tiger, in the hallway. He sleeps in some crazy ways! LOL
From Photo Of The Day

We also had a Bday party for my brother and his girlfriend at my Moms house Saturday. Happy birthday, Davie and Nicole! I love you both!
From Photo Of The Day

So, on to Sunday. I don't have a photo for Sunday, so you will HAVE to picture this one in your heads. My hubby, Charles, and son, Tyler, need to take a 100 gallon fish tank to a storage unit rented by my aunt. I thought the unit was rented by my grandpa so I asked him if it would be ok if we put it in there. He said yes. Well, hubby and son get to the facility, which is about 30-45 minutes away. They have a PIN#(for the gate and elevator) and key (for the unit lock), but just as they pull up there is a car in front of them going in, so hubby just follows them in through the gate. They need to use the elevator because the unit is on the 3rd floor, but the PIN# isn't working for the elevator. They get frustrated after trying several times, but to no avail. They decide to leave the facility (I'm not sure why) but find that the PIN isn't working at the gate either! Now they realize they are actually locked in at the storage facility! My son calls me in a panic from his cell phone explaining the situation. I call Grandpa for help and find out the unit is actually my Aunts, who hasn't paid this months bill yet. LMBO! I call son back, who's phone is dying, and explain the situation to HIM. I have a phone # for them to try, but son's phone dies, and hubby didn't bother to take his! GRR! Aunt calls back and says she paid the bill, all should be fine now. But because I can't reach them anymore I have to drive all the way to the facility myself! Another 30-45 minutes later I pull up and see my hubby and son sitting in the parking lot OUTSIDE of the facility! Another person had come along and they had followed them out. LOL I inform them that everything is taken care of and it should all be good now. FINALLY we use the PIN# to get into the gate, into the elevator and OUT of the gate again. There went the whole afternoon/evening. The only frustrating part of it for me now is that I wasn't able to get a picture of them "behind bars"! Hehehe

Friday, January 16, 2009

Help please :)

So, along the lines of my last post... I'm trying to figure out how to post my photos and LOs so they are clickable to a larger size, but NOT so that it opens my whole album. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.
Anyway, here's today's POTD, a view of my desk and work space.
From Photo Of The Day

I know, it looks a little cluttered, but really it's not. I'm a very organized person and everything has it's place. I just recently whittled down my stash of traditional scrapbooking supplies. Since I rarely do any of it anymore I figured "new year... time to refocus". My friend Shelly was more than happy to adopt all my stuff. hehe.
Well, I look forward to any helpful advice. Please feel free to email me at
Till then... c'ya!

Just a reminder...

Since I am so new at this blogging business, I want you to know that I am still learning. I am completely self-taught in all this, so I'm learning as I go. For instance, I just figured out how to attach links to websites to certain words in my posts, so I went back through and changed all of that. I think that will make it much easier to share with you my passion for digital scrapbooking, among other things. I also started out using, but changed to for my photo storage because I found them easier to manage. So... if you've been here before and notice changes... that's why. Thanks for understanding! :)

I'm back...

I didn't get my blog done yesterday, but I did get my POTD taken.
From Photo Of The Day

This is definately an everyday sight in our house. Whether it's my son Cody, as seen here, or anyone else in the family, there is SOME body always on one of the computers. Playing games, email, MySpace, Facebook, searching Craigslist for a "kids car", digital scrapbooking, blogging or paying bills. How did we live before our computers? LOL
We have just decided to open our home to a friend and her little girl. We love them and saw that we could help and are happy for the opportunity. My biggest hope is that she will feel comfortable here and not like she's intruding at all. We ALL are excited to have them here. Please pray with me that God will bless this whole situation, that not only will our friend feel blessed, loved, but that each one of us walks away from the experience a better person because of it. I really feel like God brought this opportunity to us, not just because she needs a place to stay for a little while, but because my family needed this opportunity to learn and grow. Please be in prayer with me. Thank you.
I still need to get my photo for today, so I'll be back later to share that. Until then...c'ya!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I completely missed the whole day yesterday! How did that happen? Oh well, I'm here now :)
I was SO happy this morning to wake up to a gorgeous sunny day! We haven't seen the sun around here in a LONG time! Between the freezing snow and ice to the flooding rains, we deserve a few more days like this! And since we don't see much of it... I figured I'd better get a photo of it. That way I can look at it and be refreshed again. LOL. Anyway, that's the inspiration for my POTD. I loved the way the shadows fell through our porch railing. Pretty, huh?
From Photo Of The Day

Remember, you can click the image to see it larger.
Well, I'm off again. I want to get at least one challenge completed tonight before I go to bed. I'll share it with you tomorrow, K? Till then...C'ya!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I'm back to post my POTD. Zach and Cody are always building forts in their room using their bunkbed. They have so much fun in there and as the days go on it tends to get bigger and bigger. Before I know it there are no more blankets in the closet!This one just got started tonight. Zach peeked out to say 'hi'. Isn't he a cutie? ;)

Well, I'm heading to bed now. Tomorrow's another day. So till then...C'ya!

Monday, January 12, 2009

LO completed for Challenge

I finished this LO for the He Said, She Said Challenge at Digitals. It's a quote challenge. I have been wanting to use this kit in a LO of my daughter for a long time, because it's mostly made of her favorite color, teal. The kit is called "Golden Blue" found here: I hope you like it :)
I'll be back later with my POTD. Till then...C'ya!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

2 Layouts completed today!

I surprised myself by completing 2 LOs today! Ok, well, one of them is a challenge that was suppose to be finished by midnight last night and I didn't get it done till this afternoon after I got home from church, but I DID finish it! :)
This is for a word/quote challenge over at The word was LEARNING.

I like it. I've had this poem for quite a long time and wanted to use it, but hadn't found the time for it yet. This challenge gave me a good reason to get it done.
The second one I did for my Aunt Laura. Her doggy died, so I made this for her to remember her Scamp.
That's it for tonight. I hope you like my LO's. I better get to bed... tomorrow's the dreaded Monday. I don't do Mondays and I don't do mornings. So you can imagine how much fun I am on Monday mornings! LOL
Oh yeah! I didn't get a POTD today. You can see what I was busy doing instead. :) But I'll get another one tomorrow. So until then...c'ya!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

First of all, here's my POTD (photo of the day). Ahh, to be a cat... such is life! This is Sophie (on top) and Prince. Two of my kitties.

A house isn't quite a home without pets. These are just a couple of mine. I also have 1 more kitty, 3 dogs and 6 goldfish. I'm sure you'll meet them sooner or later :)
Today I am working on a LO for the Word/Quote Challenge at I will be back later to share that with you when I've completed it. Till then...C'ya!

Friday, January 9, 2009

My picture for today...

I'm going to attempt to join the crazy newest thing in the scrapbboking world right now. It's called Project 365 because you take a picture each day of randomness in your everyday life. I'm a little late starting it, since most people started at the beginning of the year, but better late than never, huh? So here we go...

I do daycare for 2 of my neices during the week. Today the little one was suppose to be taking a nap, but I heard her moving around, so I peeked over to where her crib is and this is the sight I found...

Isn't she the cutest? Sneaky Peaky. LOL
Anyway, again, just a short note. I gotta start getting this done earlier in the day. But hey! I've been here 3 days in a row! Yeah me! hehe ;)
I've got LO's to work on this weekend, so I'll be back to share those. But for now, G'night.

C'ya, Krista

Here it is...

Well, I finished my January Desktop Calendar, so I thought I'd come back and share it with you! I hope you like it. I actually finished 2 challenges at the same time with this LO. I got the mini kit from Digitals for their Calendar Challenge and then I got the template from GoDigitalScrapbooking for their Calendar Challenge. Pretty cool, huh?
This is the first Desktop calendar I have ever done and I think it turned out pretty good! Bring on February! LOL

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Workin' hard....

Short post tonight. I'm working on my Desktop Calendar Challenges for both Digitals as well as GoDigitalScrapbooking. Pretty cool, I got a template from one site and a free mini kit from the other! Check 'em out! But be forwarned, digiscrapbooking is ADDICTIVE! lol When I finish my LO I'll come back and show you how it turned out. Till then.. c'ya!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hi and Welcome to my Blog!

Well, here I go. I've thought about starting a blog for some time now, but was just unsure of how to do it or how well I would actually keep up with it. But I'm going to give it my best shot

Welcome to my Blog! :) I am Krista. I am first and foremost an abundantly blessed Child of God. I have a wonderful hubby, Charles. We've been married 13+ years. Together we have 5 great kids.

Stephanie is our oldest and our only daughter. She will be 18 in February. She finished her senior year early this year, in November, and we are so very proud of her for that. She is a VERY talented young lady. She can paint, draw, dance, and she has quite and eye for photography.

Tyler is 17 years old and your very typical teenage boy. He loves big trucks and airsoft guns. He played football for the Vikings last year and hopes to do so again next year, his Senior year. This year he was selected to be on the Viking House Crew, which is quite an honor. Only 16 kids are chosen out of 100+ that 'apply'. They build a house from the ground up here in town and they do a beautiful job.

Christopher is 16. He loves, and is very good at, skateboarding and basketball. He is in his sophomore year at Yamhill-Carlton High and trying to figure out his place in life. :) He loves hanging out with his friends and family.

Cody is 12. He is in 7th grade this year. Cody is all about the XBox 360 right now. He keeps really good grades for the most part at school and loves hanging out with his friends

Zachary is 7. He is in the 1st grade. He loves school and does very well there. He's made lots of friends in his first year in public school. He loves his family and his 'puppy family' very much. :) Zach also loves the XBox 360

My husband, Charles, is a wonderful husband. He is dedicated to our family and does everything he can for us. He is the hardest working man I have ever known. He is an amazing Dad and he loves me more than I ever thought someone could. I am truly blessed

Me? I am Krista. I LOVE my family. They are the only thing here on earth worth living for. They are the reason I wake up every morning and smile when I see how perfect and precious they are while they are sleeping (no matter how old they get). And they are the reason I go to bed crying so often, worrying that I'm not doing a good enough job of raising them. I only need to know that they love me and for them to know that I love them

My hobbies are digital scrapbooking and card making. It is like an addiction to me. I enjoy taking pictures and then making something beautiful out of them and sharing that with my family and friends. It's like giving them a small piece of myself as a gift. I'll be sharing some of my work here, I hope you'll enjoy it. I'll also share some of the sites I go to so you can share in the joy, if you wish.

I also love to sing. I have sang 3 times in our church so far, and if the Lord moves me in that direction again I would love to do it. So far I have sang "In The Garden" as a tribute to my Dad on Father's Day '08, "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)" and "I am" (the one done by Nicole Nordeman). I'm not very confident in my singing, but I have been told I do a really good job. So as long as the Lord wants to use me in that way, then I'll trust in Him to help me do it.

So, to close I'll show you a LO (layout) I recently did of my family. The picture was actually taken in 2007 for our church directory, but it's the most recent FAMILY photo I have. The kids have all changed somewhat since it was taken, but you'll see more of them as time goes by...
You can click on the photo to make it larger.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you'll come again!
God bless you all!