Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Playing in the River"

On Sunday, it was 81 degrees here at our house and the boys were just itching to get out and do something. So we went out to play in the Wilson River. It's only about a 25-30 minute drive from here, but the difference in temperature was amazing! On the way out there I kept watching it go down and down. By the time we arrived at the spot we were looking for it had dropped down to 62 degrees! I immediately put my jacket on and grabbed the blanket out of the back of the vehicle. But there was no stopping the boys at this point. They were determined to get into that water! Tyler had been to this spot before and knew the perfect spot for jumping in from the rocks. Of course, it nearly gave me a heart attack, but I think that's half the fun for him. Fortunately after jumping a couple times each they were done and happy just sitting in the water or skipping stones across the river. We were all amazed at Charles. Here we would all be searching for the perfect smooth, flat stone, and he would just pick up whatever was there and chuck it out there, no matter the shape or the size, and everyone of them would skip! It was nuts. Here's a layout I did with some of the pictures:

The kit I used is called "Perfect Harmony" by Mary's Scrapdesign's found here at SUN. I also used a template from the July Template Challenge, also at SUN.

I completed my Desktop Calendar today. I got my template from from their Decorate Your Desktop Challenge. The kit I used was a 4th of July freebie over at It's called "Firecracker Collab." Here's my Desktop:

I took all the pictures at the CAT Walk on the 4th. We had fun this year dressing up a little with our lei's and getting our faces painted by the clown that's there every year. She's a real sweet heart and she does a great job.

This weekend is my nephew Noah's birthday party. His birthday is actually on the 5th, but we try to keep it seperate from the 4th of July celebrations. He is now 11 years old! I know, I say it everytime, but I can't believe how fast they grow up. Seriously! My sister and her family stayed here again this last weekend and I was SO impressed by how grown up Noah was behaving. He sat for an hour or more playing a puzzle game on my iPod, one that can get very frustrating, but he sat there so quietly, calmly, completeing level after level. I'm so proud of him. Hold up a minute, I gotta give him a little shout-out. Hey, Noah! I Love you, Buddy! Happy Birthday! :)Speaking of... I need to go get his birthday card made! I'll be back when I have some more show 'n tell. Until then... c'ya!


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