Friday, April 30, 2010

All better!

I just came back to fix the images in that wonky post, and now I have some updated links! (all ads are clickable!)

First off, news from Brandy Designs. You can now find Brandy Designs' Scrapable store here, and here is her PDP store. She is having an amazing 50% off sale at BOTH of her stores, running from April 30 - May 2! Don't miss that, and don't forget to grab up that HUGE QP bundle from her blog!

Next, Ellie Lash's Scrapable store is now open! Click on her ad to go there!
And don't forget to visit her Sunshine Studio Scrap's store for more sale, sale, sale!

Now, here's what's going on with Creations By Rachael. She's having sales at ALL of her stores. Check out her ads:

Here is her NSD Grab Bag, only available at Scrap Matters:

Gotta Pixel:

Now, what are you waiting for? NSD, and the sales, will all be over Sunday night! And.... Go!

xoxo, Krista

Lookin' a little wonky!

Sorry about the image sizes in my last post. I'll get those fixed asap (if you click on the image it will show you the full image, though). But right now Hubby and I are beautifying out yard! The sun is out, but it's not too hot. And we each got the 2 plants we've been wanting since we built our house 10 years ago! I got a purple wisteria and he got a Japanese maple! So pretty! :D

So, I better get out there with him before he comes looking for me! lol. I hope you are enjoying NSD!!! And have a GREAT weekend!

xoxo, Krista

Time for an update?

Yeah, I think so. lol.

So, NSD is this weekend!! WHAT?! You don't know what NSD is?? Oh, no, that won't do! It's National Scrapbooking Day! Any kind of scrapbooking, traditional paper or digital! But here in the digi world of scrapbooking we pull out all stops! Sales, chats, challenges and FREEBIES!!! Oh yeah! For example, if you head on over to Brandy Designs blog, she's giving away a BUNCH of QPs that were made by all of us girls on her CT. You will love them all! Go check that out to get you started.
You'll also notice that she's opening a new store over at Scrapable. Check that out too, while you're there. She is re-releasing several of her kits plus she's got lots of new stuff exclusive to Scrapable. I am so excited to work with her new stuff!! In fact, I've already used one of her Template Packs, "Fingerprints Set 2" along with one of her older kits "Gone Huntin". Here is the page I made:
You will also still find Brandy's Designs at Polka Dot Plum. I don't have the link yet to her Scrapable store, but I will link you up as soon as I can. :)

Creations By Rachael is opening her new store this weekend, too! She can now be found at Scrap Matters, as well as her original haunts, Plucky Pear, Gotta Pixel and Scrapbook-Bytes. She has tons of great plans for NSD at each of her stores, which include sales, a blog hop, and a MASSIVE Grab Bag (which will only be available at SM)! You do NOT want to miss that! Here is a 2-pager I made using just a small bit of her Grab Bag:
Funny story... I actually made my hubby take off with me last Saturday for a special Road Trip to Astoria just so I would have pictures to scrap! We took Zach and went and found new things we'd never seen before and did new things we'd never done before. Unfortunately Zach is TERRIFIED of heights, So he and Charles stayed on the ground while I climb all the way to the top of Astoria Column. I wish I had counted the stairs, I just know I was cramping by the time I got to the top AND bottom! lol But the view from the top was outstanding! Well worth it! And we had a GREAT day!

Now for some SUPER EXCITING news of my own! I am now CTing for Ellie Lash!!! She is SUCH an amazing designer! And her style is right up my alley. I absolutely LOVE working with her kits! She has a great eye for color, texture and her doodled elements are absolutely adorable!! Here is the link to her blog. Go take a look for yourself and see how much fun she is! I am having a BLAST! Ellie took some time off from designing last year, but after about 6 months she found she was ready to come back, and I am SO glad she did! She was one of the original Sunshine Studio Scraps girls and that's where she has come back to set up shop (that's how I met her... while CTing for SUN). But, for the month of May she will be a Guest Designer over at Scrapable! (I don't have the link for that one yet either, but I will post it asap).
So far, I have had the privilege to work with 5 of her kits and have LOVED every one of them!
So far I've used "Rainy Day Ducks":
"Birds of a Feather", which is new in her SUN shop today:
and "Ladybug Hotel", a collab with Project B, also new today at SUN:

My last one will have to wait, because it's her first exclusive kit to Scrapable, and her store isn't quite open yet. Hopefully by later today...

That about wraps things up for now! I hope I've given you a little taste of what to expect this weekend. NSD is AWESOME!! I hope to see you around, shopping...and playing... and shopping, Lol! Have a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, Krista

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rachael's IL store closing...

Creations by Rachael is closing her store at Inspiration Lane. Now is a great time to stock up on all of your favorite products as they are all 35% off!
You can also buy Rachael’s entire store for only $25! What a steal!
But don't wait! These offers end on April 25th. Hurry! Go! What are you waiting for? Run to Rachael's store now!

xoxo, Krista

Friday, April 16, 2010

A few random pages...

Hello :) I hope you have been as blessed as I have by the gorgeous sunshine and warmer weather we've been having! Ahhh, Spring is indeed in the air! And I LOVE it!

Today I'm going to get you caught up on the last few pages I've made lately.

First, I've got a couple for Brandy Designs.
The first one is called "Blossom And Bloom":
I used Brandy's kit "Blossom Within". The blue ribbon and bows are from"'Believe", also by Brandy Designs. The template is by JennCK. And the fonts are Sketched Rockwell and celeste.

Next is "Cute As A Bug":
I made this from 'Flock Together', a collab by Brandy Designs and Marni Designs. The template was a blog freebie from Brandy. And the fonts are Sketch Rockwell and SS Whimsy.

And lastly, I have "Tea & Croissants":
This page was made from Brandy's most recent kit, "Tea And Cupcakes". I also used her "Messy Machine Stitched Borders" and another template blog freebie, all by Brandy Designs. The fonts are Aparajita and BodiniEF.

Here is one I made a while ago, using Alexis Designs' kit, "Spring's Grace". It's called "A Child's Wonder":
Like I said, the kit is "Spring's Grace" by Alexis Designs. I used a photo action by Jennilyn Designs called "Coloriffic PS Action". The template is by Itarbox for a template challenge at Polka Dot Plum. The font is A Little Pot.

I'm super proud of this last one. I think it turned out beautifully. Sometime's I'm amazed at how well, and fairly easy, some of my pages come together. Like they were just meant to be ;)
I made this for a scraplift challenge over at Scrap Matters. I LOVE their challenges over there! This page is called "Everyday Giggles":
This is made mostly from "Everyday" by Sahlin Studio. The off-white background paper is from "Simply You", and the stiped ribbon is from "Enjoy the Moment" freebie (recolored), also by Sahlin Studio. The stitched frame is by Chelle's Creations. And the template is by Trixie Scraps.

That's it for today! I hope you have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!! and a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!

xoxo, Krista

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The SUN is always shining!

Tonight I want to share the pages I've done recently for Sunshine Studio Scraps. I'm in the process of working on another one tonight, but that kit won't be released until this weekend. So you'll just have to wait ;)

"Akaila - Growing Up So Fast!"
I like the color scheme of this kit. It isn't something I would normally pick, but I'm glad I did! I just loved working with it! The kit is called "Time Flies {girl}" by Flutter Expressions and Simply.Scraps. The template is from "Midnight Snack Template Pack" by JennCK. I also used "Mask It! Set 1 Splat" by designz by Kristi. And the font is Problem Secretary Normal.

I LOVE these colors together. They're just so warm, like the sun! And I love the way this page turned out, also. I have been wanting to scrap these pics for a while now, and I'm glad I saved them. They're perfect for this kit! The kit is called "Concrete Sunrise" and it's by JennCK. The template is from "Be Inspired-Amanda" by WM Squared. The stitches are by gg digital designs.
DateStamps - 'The Only Date Stamps You'll Ever Need' by Stolen Moments.

"Fun in the Sun"
Aww, I LOVE this page! I took these photos last summer of Zach playing in the sprinkler in the backyard. I was impressed how my camera actually caught the water in mid-air like it did. That's so cool! But I really Love the close up of Zach. He has the most precious little Angel Kisses {freckles} across his nose and cheeks. I LOVE them, he hates them. Typical little boy, huh? ;)
The kit is "Denim And Daisies" Sunshine Studio Scraps March Collab. The Photo Action is "Coloriffic" by Jennilyn Designs. The Alpha is "Painted Alpha" by Sahlin Studio. And the font is SS Whimsy.

"Pure Joy"
And another sweet photo of my baby. {Shh! Don't tell him I called him that! He keeps trying to tell me he isn't a baby anymore. But he'll always be my baby;)} This photo was taken in '08 at our Church Family Camp. I love that they have a playground in the campground. The kids play there all weekend long! Well, when we're not in the water! lol
The kit I used is "Pure Joy" by Tami Miller. The template is from "Feature It Template Pack" by JennCK Designs. Again, I used "Coloriffic PS Action" by Jennilyn Designs. And the font is Teacher's Pet.

Like I said, I'll have another one shortly. And I can't wait to share it! Have a great day! Hopefully it's sunny and warm! Ah, Spring is here!

xoxo, Krista

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I {love} Creations By Rachael!

I have been SO blessed! Back in February I was accepted to be a guest on Rachael's CT. I figured I'd get to work with 1-2 of her kits and that'd the end of it. BUT here it is April and she is still allowing me to be on her CT, still as a guest, but I am just thrilled! I have now worked with 5 of her newest kits and I have absolutely loved every one of them! I'm a little behind in posting my pages I've made from them, so I'm going to get caught up on that now.

These first two pages were made from her kit "Two Thumbs Up". This kit was SO MUCH FUN! It had so many unique elements and papers.
#1. "Avatar"
#2. "Chick Flick"
Kit - '2 Thumbs Up' by Creations By Rachael. and Late Night Scraps.
Template by ChrissyW - Simple Scrapper Freebie.
Fonts - 2peas goofball, Segoe script, and Artistamp medium.
Photos found online.

This next kit is called "Pink Elegance". I absolutely LOVE this kit! SO beautiful! It also had some unique elements in it that I had never tried using before (the couch), so that was a new experience for me.
#1. "Simply Beautiful"
Kit - 'Pink Elegance' by Creations By Rachael.
Template by WM Squared.
Fonts - Tempus Sans ITC, Paintstroke & Rockwell.

#2. "Khloe"
Kit - 'Pink Elegance' by Creations by Rachael.
Pink glitter from 'XOXO' by Creations by Rachael.
Template - 'Head Start Templates Vol. 1' by litabells designs.
Photo Actions - 'Simple B&W' by One Moment In Time and 'Coloriffic PS Action' by Jennilyn Designs.
Font - Porcelain.

And the most recent kit was just released in the store last Friday. It's called "Happiness". I love the colors of this kit. It's just so warm and cozy, like a hug. ;) I had the perfect photos for this kit, too. Both of these pages are of my younger sister's children, Jenna and Noah, and their Springer Spaniel, Henry. He is the love of those kid's lives.
#1. "Happiness" ( I know, original, huh? lol)
Kit - "Happiness" by Creations By Rachael.
Template by JewelScraps.
Phtot Action - "Coloriffic PS Action" by Jennilyn Designs.
Font - A Little Pot.

#2. "Noah & Henry"
Kit - "Happiness' by Creations By Rachael.
Photo Action - "Coloriffic PS Action" by Jennilyn Designs.
Template - freebie 42 by ChrissyW.
Fonts - Boris Black Boxx and Arabic Typesetting.

I don't know how much longer Rachael's going to keep me around, but I still have my fingers crossed that I'll be made permanent. I really enjoy her and her CT gals! They ROCK!

I hope you enjoy my pages as much as I enjoy making them! I have so much fun and I love that my family loves them as much as I do! It's my little gift to each of them. I love you guys! MWAH!


Friday, April 9, 2010

A couple more pages...

I wanted to share with you the last few pages I completed for ADSR5.

This one is for challenge #7. We had to use the word "Someday" as a prompt for our page and immediately this song popped into my head: "Love Song for our Savior" by Jars of Clay. And I knew I had the perfect photo for it as well...
Challenge #8 had us writing down our Bucket List... you know, things you want to accompish before you 'kick the bucket', so to speak. We had to come up with a list of 50 things. At first I thought this was going to be difficult for me, but it all came together pretty easily once I quit procrastinating and put pencil to paper and wrote my list. lol.
Numbers 9 and 10 were a little confusing for my partner and I. They were very similar challenges, where we had to scrap a page about where we find inspiration. I, of course , am inspired by all of God's artistry.

But #10 was in Intersection challenge, which meant we both had to work together on a single page.We knew we wanted to go with a similar inspiration, to make putting the page together easier and more pleasing to the eye. So we chose the beach, or coast line photos. I'm here in Oregon with the Pacific coastline, while my partner lives on the coast of South Africa! She put her portion together (her photo and the cluster around it) and found that amazing quote, while I put the rest of the page together. I REALLY like how this page turned out. And I SO want to go visit Caro's beautiful part of the world!
Well, that's it! The race was SO much fun, but at the same time, it was surprisingly stressful for both myself and my partner, Caro. I learned a lot of new things, techniques and such, and it also strengthen my friendship with Caro, who I happened to meet on the Creative Team for Sunshine Studio Scraps about a year ago. Whether we do it again next year remains to be seen. I can't say I wouldn't do it again, but boy, was I glad when it was over! LMBO!

XO, Krista

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm a baaaad blogger :(

My goodness. I am always amazed at how quickly life can sweep you off your feet and you never even knew what hit you. I have had a rough couple of months. Between the Amazing Digital Scrapbook Race, my Grandma getting very ill, followed by my family catching one bug after the other and 'sharing the love'... I thought things were never going to settle down! But they seem to finally be subsiding. Praise the Lord!

Rachael is this months' guest designer over at Digital Scrap Cafe! This is a new site to me, but it's a great little place! Click on the ad to go check it out yourself!
She also has a new kit coming out this Friday! Here's a sneaky Peeky for ya.
I love the color scheme of this kit! I'll be making a couple pages with it real soon, so watch for that! And don't forget to go pick it up Friday from Gotta Pixel!

I want to share a few more pages with you that I completed for the ADSR5.
As I told you in my last post (soooo long ago, lol) We had to make 2 ATC Trading Cards. One for a loved one and one for our team mate. I had never done ATC's before, so this was a new experience for me. I did really enjoy it, though, and I actually went and bought some badge sleeves to make a little brag book of ATC sized pages. I think they'd make great gifts! Here are the 2 I made for the Challenge:
The first one was, of course, for my amazing hubby!

And this one was made for my team mate and friend, Caro! For challenge #5 we had to scrap about chocoate! Now if you know me very well at all, you know I do not like chocolate! So, that's what I scrapped! hehe.
Challenge #6 was a Road Block, which meant only one partner could complete it, and I was having a horrible week at the time, so Caro did that page for our team! Thanks again, Caro! Love ya!

Ok, I'm, going now, and I will not make any promises to be back tomorrow, because you never know what tomorrow is going to hold, but I will be back! Thanks for hangin' with me! And thanks to all my firned and family for all the thoughts and prayers the last couple months. They were all very much appreciated!

You are a blessing,