Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary to me! :)

Well, no, it's not today. It was on Wednesday, the last day I posted.
I woke up Wednesday and our plans for the day were this: I had a Dr.s appointment at 10am, Charles had an appointment to clean someones carpet at 2pm. That was it. Nothing special. Charles had to work that night, so we didn't plan to do anything.
Well, Tyler and Chris had been at my Mom's working all day and when they finished there they took off for Hagg Lake. It was such a HOT day! We had just finished dinner and Charles was getting ready to head upstairs to get ready for work when the boys finally got home. As soon as they walked in the door Chris told Charles to "call into work and tell them you wouldn't be there". And that he and I were going out to dinner. I laughed and told him "we just finished dinner". Tyler said "Then go to a movie!" While Charles was calling in (I was completely surprised that he actually did it!) I was looking up showtimes. But there was nothing either of us wanted to see. All of a sudden Charles says "You want ice cream?" I don't eat ice cream much, it upsets my tummy, which he knows, so I said not really. He says "How about Daiquiri Ice from Baskin Robbins"? ooOOoo That's TOTALLY different! That's my favorite and I don't get it often, so I jumped all over that!
After all this discussing, and then showering and getting ready, by the time we were ready to go it was 9 :00! That's usually settle down time, not going out time. But go out, we did. First we went to Baskin Robbins and I decided I wanted a scoop of bubblegum ice cream and a scoop of daiquiri ice in a waffle cone. Charles got 2 scoops of cookie dough ice cream in a waffle cone. Mm! it was so GOOD! We sat out is front of BR for a few minutes, but decided to go out to the Hillsboro airport and find someplace to park and watch the airplanes come and go. Sounds romantic, huh? lol. Well..... first we found out there isn't anywhere out there where you can sit in the direct path of the airplanes, so it wasn't as cool as we thought it'd be. Then secondly, remember when I said "It was such a HOT day!"? Yeah. My ice cream started dripping all over me! I had it on both lags of my capris, a BIG drip rolled right down my chest and tummy, and it was all over my cheeks and nose! UGH! SO not what we had planned. I was now a hot, sticky mess, but Charles was totally entertained! lol. At this point we decided we'd better just head back home. It was now 11 pm and we were totally ready for bed. It was a good night. It was a great surprise from the boys and I'm thankful for their sweetness. Happy 14 years Honey, and wishes for MANY more to come.

Yesterday, Friday, the kids and I went out to the Wilson River again with our bestest friends, the Cookmans, Kim and her kids plus Sam Wilson. It was 95 degrees yesterday, so I decided I was actually going to wear my swim suit this time, just in case. MAN, am I glad I did. Kim had worn hers also and we waded into the river as soon as we got down there. This time we decided we liked the bank on the other side of the river better, so we took all our stuff and laid it out over there.We had a blanket all laid out for sitting in the sun, but I think we sat on it for a total of about 10 minutes. We were in the water pretty much the whole time. Ok, we never did get wet past out waists, except when the kids would splash us, but that's farther then I have been in the water anywhere in a LONG time. It's just always to cold for me. But yesterday It felt amazing!
The boys were, of course, jumping off the rock again. And then they decided to move up river a little bit and dive off an even bigger rock! The first one is about 8 feet high. The second one is probably double that. Don't worry, I have pictures AND videos! Tyler actually hesitated for a LONG time before he jumped off the big rock. He's never nervous about anything, but he was visibly nervous about this for a long time. Of course, he did finally do it, a couple times in fact. Chris did too, just not as high up on the rock. One time they jumped together!
Zach,Cody and Logan spent almost the whole time we were there catching tadpoles and little fish, which they brought back home with us. Cody are still alive this morning, Zach's are all dead and got flushed down the toilet :( He was very sad. He said he "really liked those little guys."

I haven't worked on anything scrappy lately, just been either too busy or too tired, but I have uploaded my photos from the CAT Walk, Noah's birthday and both trips to the Wilson, 1 & 2. Check those out and I'll try to get back to work on my scrapbooking :) Until then... c'ya!


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