Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yep, 2 post in one day!

I finished my nieces 1st birthday layout that goes with the 1st year layout I gave her for her birthday. I use the same kit for both layouts, "Birthday Girl' by Carolyn Rose Kite from Scrap'NTag.com. I bought 2 8x8 canvasses and painted the sides pink. Then I printed the layouts and adhered them to the canvasses. I am SUPER happy with the way they turned out. But, most importantly, so is my sister :) Take a look:

I'm no longer here alone... Charles and Zach came back earlier than I expected, but that's ok. Charles took Zach out to Izzy's to redeem a certificate he earned in school, just the 2 of them. Then Zach got to go spend his $4, that's been burning a hole in his pocket, at the fireworks tent. Don't worry, he just got party poppers. No fire! ;) The rest of the kids are all out a Jones Creek living it up on this beautiful, hot summer day. Oh, to be so young again! Freedom and the world at your fingertips. Ahhh, such is life. Then we grow up. LMBO! Tyler's work just called me because they can't get a hold of Tyler. He is suppose to work tonight, 5-close, and where is he? In a dead-zone! No cell service out in the woods! AUGH! What do ya do??

I'm going to go now. My wonderful hubby is making tacos for dinner and I can smell it wafting up the stairs. Mmmmmm! I'll be back when I have something new to share. Until then... c'ya!


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