Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Even More Gorge pages...

I've finished three more pages for my Columbia River Gorge book, and I wanted to share them with you.
First is June 22 "By The Numbers". We had to use 5 flowers, 4 papers, 3 ribbons/strings, 2 leaves, and 1 photo. This is Bridal Veil Falls:

Next, June 10th, "Member Spotlight Challenge". They provided a template for us to use. Here is my page for Latourell Falls.

And lastly, June 10th, "Scrap That Tune Challenge". They suggested 5 summer songs for us to choose from. We could use either the title or the lyrics from the song of our choice. I chose Grease's "Sumer Nights":

I hope you're enjoying my pages. I sure am enjoying the challenges! And how did you like my last post? Wasn't it adorable!? I love Grease. My hubby HATES it, but you know... It is a chick flick! :D

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

GREASE Fans will love this!

I just saw this and HAD to share it. I know my sister is going to LOVE it! Whoever made this knew the movie VERY well. Got every detail in there. Too cute! Enjoy!

Lyrics | Grease - Summer Nights lyrics

Monday, June 21, 2010

More Gorge pages...

Hey there! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty packed. Well, mostly on Saturday, actually. My whole family came over to our house for a party celebrating 2 birthdays (my son's 14th and my nieces 17th), my Grandparents 33rd Anniversary and Father's Day, all in one. I love having everyone out here together, but it sure wears me out. We spend the whole day before cleaning like maniacs, and then spend the next day cleaning again, lol! But, boy, does my house look nice now! hehe :D

I've finished a couple more pages of our Columbia Gorge Hike photos. I'm really pleased with how they've turned out, too. Scrap Orchard, where I've been doing these pages for the monthly challenges, gave us quite a scare! Somehow the whole challenge thread got deleted! ACK! But never fear! They have fully, or nearly fully, restored it to it's previous state. Thank you to all the awesome SO girls for jumping right in and getting it all worked out again. They even reposted all the links for the Daily Downloads, which is TOTALLY cool, because I came into the challenges half way through the month, so I missed the whole first half of the downloads!
Anyway, here are my next 2 pages:
June 17th, "Mystery Challege", we had to choose one of 17 quotes they supplied for us.

And June 18th, "Lift A Layout". We had to choose a page from Nietis Gallery to scrap lift, meaning to use as inspiration for our own page. Here is the page I chose, followed by my own page:

All my designers have taken some short breaks due to real life getting in the way of scrapping! Lol. But here are a couple of kits coming out soon. One from Ellie Lash and one from Creations By Rachael. Keep watching and I'll keep you posted! I can't wait to show you the pages I've made with them! :) But until then, be blessed!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I want to introduce you...

Please meet the most adorable kid I know!! My sweet Zachary got his first pair of glasses today! And he is SO proud to wear them. His vision was SO much worse then we thought and he is just thrilled to be able to see so much better! He even picked out his own frames, all by himself! See? See? Isn't he too cute?! (I'm not biased at all, hehe ;))

I forgot the best part!

I can't believe I forgot to show you how our day of hiking ended! On our way back toward home, via I-84, we pulled into Rooster Rock State Park. The sun had started to set and I wanted to get a shot of it over the river. It was a beautiful end to a beautiful day.
Ahhh... God's beautiful creation never fails to amaze me.

Alright, as I promised, here is what I have been working on.
Scrap Orchard's challenges this month are all travel related, so I used some of my photos from last weekend in my pages. I'd love to have a book printed of all those pages when I'm done. Now here is the problem, I just started their challenges on the 14th! lol. So I'm going to try and play a little catch up, but we'll see. ;)
Here is my page for June 14th's "Twisted Lift": And here is my entry for June 15th "From the Heart", a journaling challenge: I plan to do an individual page for each of the different falls, and I think the second page above would be a great cover. Just an idea I'm tinkering with...

New Releases at Sunshine Studio Scraps
Over at the SUN I got to work with Flutter Expressions beautiful kit "Memory Keepsake", which was added to the store on June 5th. The journaling on my page tells the whole story. Take a look: I am SO pleased with how this one turned out. I also used 'Template Set #11: Corner Blocks' by Listgirl Designs by Christine Newman, and the fonts are Palatino Linotype and Unnamed Melody.

Valarie Ostrom released "Little Critters" on June 12th. It's adorable! Such cute little animals! Here is my page: I also used a Freebie Template by WM Squared Designs and the font is Tempus Sans ITC.

Creations By Rachael New Release
You'll find Rachael's new kit, "Gone Fishing"at Gotta Pixel (papers & elements). They're only $1 each right now! So hurry over and get it! Here is my page: This page is also using one of Brandy Designs templates, "Fingerprints {grand}" and the font is Problem Secretary Normal.

Tomorrow I'll be back with another new release from Creations By Rachael. It is SUPER sweet! I can't wait to show you the page I made with it!

And now, I'm all caught up again :D And I am going to bed! The weather here has been cold, wet and grey the last few days, and I want nothing more than to stay in bed, curled up in my fuzzy pink blanket on days like this. So, good night! And sweet dreams.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Can you believe we are already half way through June!? How insane is that?? The kids just got out of school, but at this rate, I'm gonna blink and school will be starting again tomorrow! lol

Well, I'm not just going to let Summer pass by and not enjoy it... This last weekend, while Tyler and Cody were at Beach Retreat with our church's youth group, Charles, Zach & I drove out to the Columbia River Gorge to see Multnomah Falls and so Charles could see how good the fishing is out at Bonneville Dam. Well, since I was driving, I decided to take the Historic Scenic Highway, instead of I84 all the way there. I absolutely LOVE the old highway. It's curvy and so beautiful! You also have access to so many more sights. So we made a change of plans and the first place we stopped was The Vista House. It is a beautiful building sitting at the top of a huge rock outcropping/cliff. And the view is spectacular! Here is a pic of The Vista House: And here it is from below:
And the view:

From there we drove East and stopped at Latourell Falls. I didn't get any good pics of that one up close, because I was afraid the spray was going to damage my camera. We got pretty soaked standing at the bottom of that one! We found a really cool place along that trail to stop and take a few pics of each other: Zach's quite the photographer, isn't he? He took the one of Charles and I.

Then it was on to Sheppards Dell:

And Bridal Veil Falls, which is SO beautiful with it's 2 tiers:

Wahkeena Falls was next, but, by now it's starting to get later in the day and we still haven't made it to Multnomah Falls yet. So we decide not to hike in to get a closer look at this one, but we will definitely go back and do that soon! (I hope!) Here is the view from the trailhead: The trail to that one is to the right and you pass over a little footbridge. I couldn't help but take a minute to take this beautiful shot before moving on:

From here we took the trail left, which takes you to Multnomah Falls. Along the way we saw this spot where the water was just running down the side of the rocks and I had to get Zach's photo there: Pretty, huh?

And we finally made it! Multnomah Falls! Of course with the weather being incredibly beautiful, the place was SO full of people. But we took our pictures anyway :) Here are my guys in front of the falls: And of course, the second highest waterfall in the US, (dropping 620 feet!) Multnomah Falls: Majestic, isn't it? I can't wait to go back and hike a little farther in.(a little more prepared this time! Lol You do NOT want to go hiking in flip flops! I wasn't expecting, when we left, that we were going to be hiking) Maybe next time we'll focus on one trail and and go the distance. I now have maps of all the trails and am just itching to go again! I hope you enjoyed the journey as well!

I will be back tomorrow to catch up on my pages. I've been doing some challenges over at Scrap Orchard and there have also been a few new releases. So, until then, find the beauty around you and take joy in it!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Digital therapy...

Hello! I have three layouts to share with you tonight. I'm trying hard not to get all backed up again! LOL

For this first one, I used an adorable kit by Ellie Lash called "Organic", and also the Add-on. When I first saw this kit, I thought it was totally cute, but was disappointed because we don't have a garden, we don't shop at the Farmer's Market or visit U-Pick farms, so I didn't think I was going to get to use it... But then, when Charles and I were redoing the front yard, Zach spotted a packet of carrot seeds that he just had to have! And hey! If he wants to eat fresh grown veggies, am I really gonna say no? LOL!
So, Charles and Zach spent the better part of a Saturday working together to build a special planter, just for Zachy's carrots. Then they filled it with soil and planted their carrots. I was proud to see how hard Zach was working right along his Daddy. It was precious. And, of course, I took WAY too many pics! hehe But I do LOVE the page I made to remember this special day. First, here is the kit:

And here is my page:

Oh! I also used some awesome new CU products by That Girls Designs. I used "Stripes 1" and "Scalloped Frames". She's just getting started on her CU stash and I am SO excited to see what else she's got!

I have been wanting to scrap the photos in this next layout since I took them last November. That would be when I turned 38 and was not oh, so thrilled about it. lol But Mom didn't want my day to go by unnoticed, so she set out to make me a very special cake. :D She had just bought the pan and had never used it yet, so it was pretty experimental. hehe. When it was done, she was NOT very happy about it's appearance, but I loved it. Loooking at it made me smile, and it tasted wonderful, but most importantly, my Mom had set out to do something special just for me, and I truly treasure that.
For this page I used "I *Heart* You" by Project B Designs. Of course, I LOVE this kit! How could I not?? Look at all that pink! And I LOVE gerbera daisies!

And here is my page:

Alright, one last one. I just finished this one tonight and I'm very happy with how it turned out. I'm not very good with the graphic style of scrapping, but I really wanted to try it on this layout. I took this photo of Tyler on Mother's Day, and he doesn't like it. He told me, "If I had known you were going to use that one I would've posed nicer." The thing is... this is how Tyler looks most of the time lately. The fact that he's 18 has sunk in and he's kind'a taking advantage of his new found freedom. Unfortunately, I don't agree with a lot of his choices and sometimes I truly fear for him. I think we are both going through a learning stage right now. He is testing his boundaries, and I am having to learn to let go and let him make his own mistakes, praying that he's learning from them. I feel like he's forgotten who he was raised to be, who God plans for him to be. And I think he feels like I'm trying to control and smother him. Anyway, this page was a little therapeutic for me, but I will continue to pray for him, through this faze and until the day I breath no more.
Here is my page:

This was kind of a hodge-podge page. I used bits and pieces from so many different kits:
Black BG Paper - 'Serenity' by Brandy Designs.
Lined BG & Key - 'Interludes' by Bon Scrapatit.
Photo Mask - 'Re-Create Add-on' by Createwings Designs.
Screws - 'Love My Boys' by Creations By Rachael.
Mesh - 'Autumn Hues' by Creations By Rachael.
Stitched Border - 'Messy Machine Stitched Borders' by Brandy Designs.
Ink Splatter - 'Canvas' by Brusheezy.
Paint Mask - 'Feeling Froggy' by Creations By Rachael.
Leaves - 'Dont' Eat The Daisies' by Alexis Designs.
String Wrap - 'The Best Ships Are Friendships' by Alexis Designs.
Heart, Flowers & Ribbon - 'Romantic Blues' by Alexis Designs.
Fonts - Pegsanna HMK, Trashed, St. Nicholas, Sketch Rockwell, Rockwell Extra Bold, Repress Capitals Heavy, the Blue Cabin, Trajan Pro, the King & Queen font, Sandals, Sea Dreams, Turtle Club, Ring O Fire.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you are healthy and happy! Be blessed today!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Under Construction

If my blog looks a little wonky for a while, don't worry. I'm working on a new background! Thanks for your patience!
(road barrier from "Detour" by Ellie Lash)

But before I go, let me share a new kit out at Sunshine Studio Scraps. It's called "Bring on the Music" and it is jam packed with awesomeness by 10 different amazing designers! You've got to see it for yourself! {image is linked to the kit in the store}

Have a great weekend! Be blessed.

xoxo, Krista

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Do you like Freebies?

Today is Freebie Friday over at Brandy Designs' blog. I'm in charge of the freebies for the month of June, so make sure to watch Brandy's blog to pick them all up!
Today I made a QP (or quick page) for you all. I used Brandy's kit "Believe", which is SO pretty, and her last free template from her blog template challenge. I put them together and this is what I have for you:

Now make sure you hurry over to Brandy's blog to pick it up!

I also scrapped a page using Sunshine Studio Scraps' Designers Collab, "Point Break". I joined a really cool challenge for the SUN's birthday. It's a Paper to Digi challenge. I'd never seen on of those, and the gallery that was chosen to scraplift from was AMAZING! So, of course, I had to play along! First of all, here is the gallery we were to find inspiration from. Amazing, huh? So it was really hard to pick just one page I wanted to lift, so I picked a couple extras and put them in my favorites folder to come back to later. But here is the page, by KathyT, that I chose for the challenge:

And here is my page:

You should come play along! The SUN is full of goodies right now, and more is being added every Saturday!

Speaking of New Releases, Creations By Rachael's new kit "Berry Sweet" is available now at The Digi Chick! Here is a reminder of that yummy kit:
Hurry and get it now, while it's on sale 20% off!

Well, that's all for tonight. I hope tomorrow is the start of a wonderful weekend for you, wherever you are! I'm hoping this rain will end and the sun will shine through! My kid's school gets out next Thursday and I am praying for LOTS of sun this summer!

xoxo, Krista