Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I completely missed the whole day yesterday! How did that happen? Oh well, I'm here now :)
I was SO happy this morning to wake up to a gorgeous sunny day! We haven't seen the sun around here in a LONG time! Between the freezing snow and ice to the flooding rains, we deserve a few more days like this! And since we don't see much of it... I figured I'd better get a photo of it. That way I can look at it and be refreshed again. LOL. Anyway, that's the inspiration for my POTD. I loved the way the shadows fell through our porch railing. Pretty, huh?
From Photo Of The Day

Remember, you can click the image to see it larger.
Well, I'm off again. I want to get at least one challenge completed tonight before I go to bed. I'll share it with you tomorrow, K? Till then...C'ya!


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