Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hi and Welcome to my Blog!

Well, here I go. I've thought about starting a blog for some time now, but was just unsure of how to do it or how well I would actually keep up with it. But I'm going to give it my best shot

Welcome to my Blog! :) I am Krista. I am first and foremost an abundantly blessed Child of God. I have a wonderful hubby, Charles. We've been married 13+ years. Together we have 5 great kids.

Stephanie is our oldest and our only daughter. She will be 18 in February. She finished her senior year early this year, in November, and we are so very proud of her for that. She is a VERY talented young lady. She can paint, draw, dance, and she has quite and eye for photography.

Tyler is 17 years old and your very typical teenage boy. He loves big trucks and airsoft guns. He played football for the Vikings last year and hopes to do so again next year, his Senior year. This year he was selected to be on the Viking House Crew, which is quite an honor. Only 16 kids are chosen out of 100+ that 'apply'. They build a house from the ground up here in town and they do a beautiful job.

Christopher is 16. He loves, and is very good at, skateboarding and basketball. He is in his sophomore year at Yamhill-Carlton High and trying to figure out his place in life. :) He loves hanging out with his friends and family.

Cody is 12. He is in 7th grade this year. Cody is all about the XBox 360 right now. He keeps really good grades for the most part at school and loves hanging out with his friends

Zachary is 7. He is in the 1st grade. He loves school and does very well there. He's made lots of friends in his first year in public school. He loves his family and his 'puppy family' very much. :) Zach also loves the XBox 360

My husband, Charles, is a wonderful husband. He is dedicated to our family and does everything he can for us. He is the hardest working man I have ever known. He is an amazing Dad and he loves me more than I ever thought someone could. I am truly blessed

Me? I am Krista. I LOVE my family. They are the only thing here on earth worth living for. They are the reason I wake up every morning and smile when I see how perfect and precious they are while they are sleeping (no matter how old they get). And they are the reason I go to bed crying so often, worrying that I'm not doing a good enough job of raising them. I only need to know that they love me and for them to know that I love them

My hobbies are digital scrapbooking and card making. It is like an addiction to me. I enjoy taking pictures and then making something beautiful out of them and sharing that with my family and friends. It's like giving them a small piece of myself as a gift. I'll be sharing some of my work here, I hope you'll enjoy it. I'll also share some of the sites I go to so you can share in the joy, if you wish.

I also love to sing. I have sang 3 times in our church so far, and if the Lord moves me in that direction again I would love to do it. So far I have sang "In The Garden" as a tribute to my Dad on Father's Day '08, "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)" and "I am" (the one done by Nicole Nordeman). I'm not very confident in my singing, but I have been told I do a really good job. So as long as the Lord wants to use me in that way, then I'll trust in Him to help me do it.

So, to close I'll show you a LO (layout) I recently did of my family. The picture was actually taken in 2007 for our church directory, but it's the most recent FAMILY photo I have. The kids have all changed somewhat since it was taken, but you'll see more of them as time goes by...
You can click on the photo to make it larger.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you'll come again!
God bless you all!


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