Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm back...

I didn't get my blog done yesterday, but I did get my POTD taken.
From Photo Of The Day

This is definately an everyday sight in our house. Whether it's my son Cody, as seen here, or anyone else in the family, there is SOME body always on one of the computers. Playing games, email, MySpace, Facebook, searching Craigslist for a "kids car", digital scrapbooking, blogging or paying bills. How did we live before our computers? LOL
We have just decided to open our home to a friend and her little girl. We love them and saw that we could help and are happy for the opportunity. My biggest hope is that she will feel comfortable here and not like she's intruding at all. We ALL are excited to have them here. Please pray with me that God will bless this whole situation, that not only will our friend feel blessed, loved, but that each one of us walks away from the experience a better person because of it. I really feel like God brought this opportunity to us, not just because she needs a place to stay for a little while, but because my family needed this opportunity to learn and grow. Please be in prayer with me. Thank you.
I still need to get my photo for today, so I'll be back later to share that. Until then...c'ya!


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