Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm still here...

Sorry about that. We have been going non-stop here at our house this weekend. We're trying to get our house ready for our guest. We are a family of HORRIBLE procrastinators and it usually takes something big, like a holiday or birthday, when we know we're going to have guests over to get the REAL cleaning done. Well, this guest will be staying longer than just a couple hours! LOL So we're talking all the REAL fun stuff... You know, showers, toilets... We had to move kids to different rooms which meant finally reaching under the bed and dressers, bottoms of the closets... Eew! ANYWAY, we're finally winding down, so I thought I'd better take this opportunity to play a little catch'up.
Saturdays POTD was taken when I walked past my cat, Tiger, in the hallway. He sleeps in some crazy ways! LOL
From Photo Of The Day

We also had a Bday party for my brother and his girlfriend at my Moms house Saturday. Happy birthday, Davie and Nicole! I love you both!
From Photo Of The Day

So, on to Sunday. I don't have a photo for Sunday, so you will HAVE to picture this one in your heads. My hubby, Charles, and son, Tyler, need to take a 100 gallon fish tank to a storage unit rented by my aunt. I thought the unit was rented by my grandpa so I asked him if it would be ok if we put it in there. He said yes. Well, hubby and son get to the facility, which is about 30-45 minutes away. They have a PIN#(for the gate and elevator) and key (for the unit lock), but just as they pull up there is a car in front of them going in, so hubby just follows them in through the gate. They need to use the elevator because the unit is on the 3rd floor, but the PIN# isn't working for the elevator. They get frustrated after trying several times, but to no avail. They decide to leave the facility (I'm not sure why) but find that the PIN isn't working at the gate either! Now they realize they are actually locked in at the storage facility! My son calls me in a panic from his cell phone explaining the situation. I call Grandpa for help and find out the unit is actually my Aunts, who hasn't paid this months bill yet. LMBO! I call son back, who's phone is dying, and explain the situation to HIM. I have a phone # for them to try, but son's phone dies, and hubby didn't bother to take his! GRR! Aunt calls back and says she paid the bill, all should be fine now. But because I can't reach them anymore I have to drive all the way to the facility myself! Another 30-45 minutes later I pull up and see my hubby and son sitting in the parking lot OUTSIDE of the facility! Another person had come along and they had followed them out. LOL I inform them that everything is taken care of and it should all be good now. FINALLY we use the PIN# to get into the gate, into the elevator and OUT of the gate again. There went the whole afternoon/evening. The only frustrating part of it for me now is that I wasn't able to get a picture of them "behind bars"! Hehehe


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