Friday, June 12, 2009

Yay! I've done it!

I finally figured out how to make my own Blog background and header! I read a tutorial from DigiDesignsbyNicole at Stuff To Scrap as well as from Allie Brown. I played around alot with the sizing since it seemed it was never quite long enough or tall enough to fit my screen, which is a 22 in., so I just kept tweaking until it looked good to me. I hope it looks equally good on your screen. :) Let me know... leave me a comment if you like! I'd love to hear what you think.

I'm sorry I haven't updated in quite a while. I actually did sit down and write a long update one night, but something happened and it didn't save, and it was so late already that I was not going to sit and write it all over again. Sorry!

So, anyway, Papa's been home for the hospital since Friday, May 29th (to my best recollection). His levels have steadily climbed back up, not to where they should be, but enough to spring him from the joint. ;) hehe. This whole week he's had to go into the Dr. first thing in the morning to get his chemo treatments. He's having a lot of difficulty swallowing for some reason and chokes on a lot of stuff. They've already taken x-rays of his throat and determined they need to stick a camera down his throat to get a better look, but his oncologist says, no, not while he's on his chemo treatments. He's doing pretty well, considering. We were over at their house all day today working on their yard and he was up doing stuff everytime we turned around. Gramma was lauging because he says he wants a bowling ball for thier anniversary. I love that, cause it shows that he haas NO plans of leaving here anytime soon. He's still planning for the future, for when he's got his strength back to go bowling again. He is SO AMAZING. He has fought for so long and VERY rarely do you see him letting it get to him. He's so strong. Such an amazing example. I love him so much!

So we are now officially parents of a High School Graduate! Stephanie graduated last Sunday, June 7th. I am so incredibly proud of her! And excited to see where she goes from here. Steph, you ROCK, girl! I love you so much!

Also on the 7th, Cody turned 13 years old! OMGoodness! It's hard to believe the years have just flown by like they have. He was born a very sick little guy, and too see him now and the amount of energy that he puts into every minute of the day... You'd never believe how fragile his was. Happy Birthday, Cody! You're Amazing and I love you!!! xoxo (oops! are you too old for that now? Oh, well, get used to it! lol)

Summer vacation is finally here! YAY! No more early mornings for a while. Of course, that also means all the kids are home ALL DAY! Ack! Lord, please help me!? As I wrote this I looked up and saw one of my favorite verses on my wall. Psalm 39:7 "And so Lord, where do I put my hope? My only hope is in you." We'll make it (preferably with my sanity still intact) and hopefully with some great memories and photos from everything we'll get to do. I don't know what that'll be, but we usually find some sort of adventure each summer. I'm excited just thinking about all the prospects!

I'm in the process of finishing up a LO I'm doing for Cody for his birthday (hey! greatness takes time! LMBO!) And next I'm doing one for Steph for her Graduation. But I have recently done one of my Mom from a recent trip we took to the beach. She hadn't been there in years and the boys had a BLAST spending the day with her. I think memories were made that day that won't be soon forgotten. Thank you, Mom, for sharing that time with us. Here's the LO:

Eevn Mom liked these photos, and that says A LOT!!! :D What a great day that was. I'll treasure it always.

Well, I'm going to go now and finish up Cody's LO and start the next. I'll share when I'm done! Until then... c'ya!


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