Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quick post...

Can you handle 2 posts in one week? Lol. I just wanted to show you the 2 new layouts I did last night.

This first one is for Sunshine Studio Scraps. I used a gorgeous kit my mcp designs, called "Charmed". I really love this kit. It is so pretty! And it went perfectly with a beautiful pic I have of Toni from last Easter. I also used a template by Denise Beatty from The Digi Chick Template Challenge. Here is "Easter '09":

And this one is for Week 3 of the DSA Scrap-Off 2010. We only have 1 more week to go! I don't expect to win a CT position there, but it sure has been a fun challenge. It has stretched me and I've enjoyed the learning process. This weeks kits were provided by Jennifer Barrette, Jude, Polka Dot Plum, Viva Artistry, and Litabells Designs, and I think they were the prettiest so far. I had just taken this photo of Tyler a couple nights ago when he was acting like a tough guy. Lol, when he saw this page he said, "If I had known you were going to use that picture I would cleaned up and looked nicer." Hello! I'm a scrapbooker! If you wanna look nice in your pages, give me nice photos. Otherwise I work with what I've got! Lol. Anyway, here is "18":

I can't explain to you the difficulties I'm having trying to go through this time with Tyler. He wants so badly to be grown up, yet not quite able to make it on his own. And I just want to be able to go back in time when he would cuddle in my lap and give me hugs. I say it all the time, but time really does go too fast.

Thanks for visiting me again! :) I hope your day is blessed, because you are a blessing!


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