Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More Show N' Tell

Grr! Does one post a week make me a bad blogger? I keep telling myself it would be easier to keep up if I just post after each page I make, but it just doesn't seem to happen that way. Probably because I do all my scrappin' so late at night, that by the time I finish a page I'm needing to drag myself to bed! LMBO! So, yeah, I have a few pages to share with you again :) I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

I've made another page of Toni. Yes, she is one of my favorite subjects. She just makes it so easy! She's so stinkin' cute and she just loves the camera. Not to mention, I spend all day everyday with her! LOL BTW: this photo of her is when she was much younger. For this page I got to use a beautiful kit by Chris Greiser called 'Cosmopolitan {Classic}'. You'll find it at Sunshine Studio Scraps. It's full of my FAV color! And some very unique elements. The template is by Cyndi Price for 1/5/10 Template Challenge at Scrap Matters. And I used the font 'Pea Devon Caps'. This is "Pretty In Pink":

This next one is the first page (hopefully) of many. I'm trying to Project 52 this year. I told you that last year I didn't do so well, and, well, I've already started slacking off again. BUT I have decided, to make it not so difficult, to do a Project 52. The plan is to take at least a couple photos during the week and scrap those on 1 page a week. Some weeks I may have all 7 days, some I may not, and that is ok! :)So, that being said... here it is the 4 week of January and I finally finished the first page. LMBO! I used a kit called "Project 365" by Brandy Designs. I actually didn't use asd much of the kit as I thought I would, but with all the pics so random, I had a hard time figuring out what else to put on the page. That one is going to take some getting used to. The flowers(recolored) are from "Hot Cocoa" also by Brandy Designs. And the font is 'Problem Secretary Normal'. Here is "Jan. Week 1":

My next page LOOKS like Toni again, but it's not! It is her big sis, Akalia, when she was 2 years old. She is another beautiful little girl. Both of my sisters and my brother were both blessed with beautiful baby girls. I got a bunch of handsome boys, who don't like their pictures taken and I'M the scrapbooker! Grr! Anyway, for this page I got to use an adorable kit by GET Designs called "Love In Bloom". You have to go check it out. It is perfect with Valentine's Day coming up on us so quickly! The template is by Jubeefish. And the font is 'Turtle Club'. This is "I {heart} Dora!":

This next one was my entry for week 2 of DSA's Scrap-Off 2010. By the way, my first weeks LO, the 2-pager of my Wedding wishes, only got 3 measly points! :( This next page got 6! I'm much happier with that, lol. And we are half-way through, we only have 2 weeks left. This weeks kits were by Ramona, Charlize Creations, BZB Designs and Creations By Correen Silke. And my font is 'Smiley Monster'. Here is "Cody":

This next page I did for a challenge that I've never tried before, but found very intriguing. GoDigitalScrapbooking.com has a challenge called Pick Your Palette. They provide the kit, all in grey-scale. You first have to submit a photo and a color scheme based on that photo. Then you have to make a page using that color scheme and recoloring all the pieces of the kit. Now, I change colors of bits and pieces of kits all the time, but I've never had to do a whole kit! It was more work than I thought it would be! It totally gave me a new appreciation for all the awesome designers out there!So thank you, thank you, thank you to all you designers who allow me to use your creations to make my kreations! ;) Back to the page, lol. I also used a word art by Bethany on this page. (BTW: This is my beautiful daughter, but I didn't get to bring her into the world, She came as a package deal with her Daddy when she was 4 years old :) Here is "Child Of God":

Alright, last one. I know, I really do need to post more than once a week, huh? This one is of my younger sisters beautiful little girl, Jenna. I'm really happy with the way this one turned out, because I'm not real good doing the tiny scatters yet, but I love them, so I gave it a try and I think it turned out ok! This kit is by Project B and it's called "Comfort Zone" and I also used the Mini-kit that matches. This is a great kit! I love the soft color scheme. Pretty! I also used "Easy Layout Templates Set 1" by Secret Garden. And the font I used is Angelina. This is "Happy Girl":

Alrighty, well, I guess there'll be no scrappin' tonight, as it is now late and I must drag myself to bed. lol Thanks for visiting my little part of the digi world, and I hope you have a blessed day! Good night.


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