Sunday, September 13, 2009

End of Summer...

Well, it's officially over. Summer vacation has come to an end. First Labor day, then the kids go back to school, and then comes our annual church campout. Every year we go out to "Big Eddy Campground". It's a nice little campground, but probably not one we would normally go to as a family. It's not very private, the sites are very close to one another and it's right along the highway. BUT, our church rents the entire campground each year and THAT makes all the difference. We know everyone around us and we all help each other out, whether it's watching out for each others children, or lending something that was forgotten in the packing process.

The weather this weekend was indeed GORGEOUS! I believe most of the church was in the river the better part of Saturday. Just floating on our inflatables of every size and shape, and enjoying the sun and each others company. Those are good times.
Unfortunately, those good times were cut short for my oldest son, Tyler, this year. He was relaxing on his air mattress out in the deepest part of the eddy when some of the other kids decided to throw rocks from shore trying to splash him. Well... one of those rocks hit him in the head and knocked him out for a couple seconds! My niece jumped in and got him up out of the water and back to shore, but he was gushing blood all down his face! Our church is blessed to have a couple who are both EMTs and they tended to him very quickly and said he'd be ok as long as it quit bleeding, which it did. Thank you, God!! Charles did run into town and bought a tube of super glue to keep it closed, because they did say it was was big/deep enough to benefit from stitches. Plus it would keep the bacteria out. These days, you go to the hospital and all they use is super glue anyway, so we might as well save ourselves a lot of money and purchase the glue rather than the ER visit. He does have a nasty gash and he wears his hair cut very short, so it quite nasty to see, but he's all good now. "Just another beauty mark", he says. ;) He's such a boy! In fact, after they got most of the blood stopped he tells me, "Mom, take a picture of it so I can see."

And now on to less queasy news ;)
There's a new kit in the SUN by LDrag Designs called "Serene Breeze" It is such a beautiful kit full of soft pastel yellow, green, blue and purple. The kit includes 16 papers, 2 alphas and LOTS of elements. You just have to take a look for yourself. The image below is linked, so go grab it!
I've got all my camping pics uploaded HERE, so you can go check them out. {Warning: There is one of Tyler's 'beauty mark'!}

That's it for tonight. But, I'll be back soon. Till then... C'ya!


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