Sunday, September 20, 2009

2 beautiful new pages...

Hello there :) I hope you're having a great Sunday afternoon. The sun is shining and it's just beautiful out here today. Zach and I went to a birthday party today after church for our little friend, Liam. Liam was the only other child, besides Zach, in my class the last year I taught kindergarten. So the 2 of them quickly became great friends and 2 years later still love to hang out together. We went to Papa's Pizza and Rachel and I were both reminded why we do little home birthday parties, rather than go all out at a party place. That place was PACKED! SO many little ones running around it was hard to keep track of just the 5 we had with us! lol Those kids were running around like chickens with their heads cut-off, I tell ya! Crazy! But we all had a great time! And Happy Birthday, again, Liam! We love you!

Man, I have just been pluggin' away over here this month! I just realized I've done 7 new layouts just in September! That's counting my new desktop as well. But I have 2 new ones to share with you. I love them both! I think they turned out beautifully! (Sometimes I really shock me!)
The first one is called "Reflect". It got it's name for 2 reasons. First off, The photos and the conversations I had with Charles that weekend made me think was doing a lot of reflecting. We talked a lot about how fast the kids have grown up, how his business has been doing so far, how great it was to take that time to relax and what a beautiful place to do it... just a lot of thinking out loud. Reflecting on the past... Secondly, the kit is called "Reflections" and I really liked that for the tone I wanted to set for this page. So, here it is:
I did this one for the 9/12 Scraplift at the Sun. The photos are of my hubby taken last weekend while we were out camping, and for once he didn't look like he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. He was just reflecting on God's beautiful handiwork all around us. Everything I used is from the kit 'Reflections' by the Wonder Girls in the SUN. And the font I used for my journaling is Century Gothic.
My next one is called "Breathless". It was done for a WordArt Challenge found here, also in the SUN. Tyler is, has always been, and probably always will be my daredevil child, the risk taker. He scares me every time I turn around. I'm always afraid he's so excited to do something new and extreme, that he doesn't see the danger in it. But... SO FAR... God has spared him from any serious injuries. Cuts, scrapes and bruises are par for the course with Tyler, but there have never been any broken bones. (Thank you, LORD!) Anyway, here he is getting ready to take his next Leap of Faith. Standing on this rock and looking down actually had him panicking for a few minutes. As we tried to talk him out of jumping, he was talking himself into doing it. And he did do it, but only once! ;) Here's my page:
The Word Art is by CaroB71 For 9/8/09 WA/Lyrics Challenge. The kit I used is called 'My Secret Garden' by Creations By Rachael. I got the tags from 'Lazy Days' by Chris Grieser. And the template is from 'Heaven Sent 2' a Wonder Girls Collab . All from the SUN.
The font I used is called English Script EF.

I hope you enjoy looking at my pages as much as I LOVE to make them ;) I am SO glad I stumbled into this world of Digital Scrapbooking. Before, all the photos I took either sat in an old shoe box or on ,my hard drive. I'm am so thrilled when someone looks through my album and says "Oh yea! I remember that!" Or "Wow, look how ______ has changed." There is no better feeling than to be able to make these memories with my children and then scrap it so they will always be remembered. Thanks for looking. I'll be back with more. Until then... C'ya!


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