Saturday, October 24, 2009

Woo Hoo!!

Remember I said I had set a goal for myself to make 100 layouts this year? Well... It's only October 24th and I have achieved and surpassed my goal! I have now finished 105 pages! I surprised myself! I didn't think I could do that many. I came NO where near that last year. Must mean I've had a great year full of memories, huh? ;) Anyway, let's see what I've gotten done this past week, shall we? Warning:
I have been BUSY!

First up are my kitties. Well, the newest 2 anyway, lol. They are Gracie and Bella (respectively) and I am forever finding them up in the bathroom window sill. They love the fresh air and the sun shining in on them while they nap. Here is "Cat Nap":

Next, I did another installment of the Cat Walk pages. This one is from 2008. Remember, we do this walk every year with my Grandpa to raise money and Awareness for Cancer Treatments. Here is "CAT Walk '08":

This next one was done for the 10/20 Lyrics Challenge at Sunshine Studio Scraps. I actually hosted this challenge and knew what song I was going to choose, specifically for this page. It's a song called "Butterfly Fly Away" by Miley Cyrus. I used just a small part of the song, which reminded me of where Steph is at in her life right now and how proud we are of her. Here is "Butterfly Fly Away":

The next one is also for Steph ;). I am just so incredibly proud of her! I wish I had been more like her when I was her age. She sets her goals and doesn't let anything get in her way of achieving them. Again, another one of her Senior pictures. Aren't they awesome? Here is "Believe In Your Dreams":

I finally got around to scrapping last winters crazy snow pictures, lol. I still can't believe we got so much snow! It was the most snow I have ever seen here in Forest Grove, and I've been here my whole life! But it was also very early in the season. We don't usually see the most of our snow until January or February, and we got it in the middle of December! I'm curious what we're in for this year. Here is "One Crazy Winter":

Then I jumped back into Fall again. :) On Sunday, Charles and I went for a drive out on the backroads around town. We are blessed to live surrounded by farm land and nurseries, so the fall colors were everywhere, and it was just beautiful! I had my camera, so I went a little snap happy! Here is "Colors Of Autumn":

I finally did a page of Zachary when he was just a tiny little guy. He was only 2 months old in this picture. I love how this one turned out. Oh! And it's already been chosen as a Gallery Standout in the SUN. This is "Beautiful Baby Boy":

OMGoodness! I love this next one! One day last week while babysitting Toni I had my camera out trying to take some everyday pictures of her, but as soon as she saw the camera she was mesmerized. lol. She stopped playing and just wanted to climb up in my lap to "help". I kept hiding from her behind the camera and I got this adorable shot of her playing "Peek-a-Boo":

I made another Oct. Desktop, because I found a desktop challenge that is giving away an adorable posting bonus that I want. lol. So here is my new desktop:

Stephanie and my Mom's birthdays are only 3 days apart, so we usually celebrate them together. This photo is from their party in 2005. Mom turned 54 and Steph, 14. Here is "Celebrate This Moment":

Ok, we're down to the last one, but it is a 2 pager. LOL! These pictures are from 2004. This was the first year Charles and the boys went to a Royal Rangers Pow Wow. Royal Rangers was the Wednesday night boys club at our church. And they had Pow Wows, or campouts, twice a year, once in the summer and again in the winter, where they would learn survival skills tied into bible lessons. They loved going to camp! Here is "Royal Rangers Pow Wow '04":

Yay! That's it! I hope you weren't too bored! :P I did warn you, tho. Hehe. I'm really glad I've got some of my older photos scrapped, too. It's crazy to see how much my kids have grown in the last few years. Like I always say, They grow up too fast!
Anyway, it's bedtime now. I have church in the morning. But I'll be back very soon with something more to share. I'll try not to go so long between posts so that I don't have so many to show all at once. But until then... C'ya!


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