Sunday, May 10, 2009

What a wonderful weekend!

It was just one great thing after another this weekend. So many blessings!

Saturday morning we went and walked "Steps For Life". The weather was perfect! The sun was out and it was warm, but never too hot. We had a few people from other churches here in Forest Grove join us this year which was awesome! Hopefully as we continue this each year, more and more people and churches will participate with us. After the walk they had brunch set up and waiting for us at the church. That was awesome, cause boy were we tired and hungry! lol

Saturday evening I went with my sister, Debbie, to a baby shower for a friend of ours from when we were kids. We grew up next door to a larger family that pretty much adopted us into their family and vice-versa. My best friend from that family was Olga. We we like sisters for a LOT of years. Well, as we grew we also grew apart. As the years have past I've tried several times to find her on the web. What I didn't realize is that her last name had changed. I went to the baby shower not knowing if she would be there or not, but hoping she would. She was there! I was so happy to finally see her again after all these years. To be honest, I told my sister before we went that I didn't want to stay long, but she ended up having to wait on me, cause I couldn't get enough time with Olga. By the time we left We had exchanged email addresses and I intend to never lose her again. We were neighbors from the time I was 4 and she was 2 until we moved when I was high school. That is my whole childhood! And she was a very large part of that. In fact, we have secrets between the two of us that nobody else knows to this day! (No, Missy, I'm not telling you!) LOL! I am so thrilled to have her back in my life again. It doesn't matter what's happened in these past years. I love her as much today as I did when we were making mud holes in the park and running my little brothers Hotwheels through them. Or making the best Barbie houses we could out of socks and washcloths! Oh, those were the days... And so blessed am I!

Today, we had my entire family over for a Mother's Day Bar-B-Q. Grandma & Papa, Aunt Judy, Mom, Debbie and her 3 girls, Missy & Jason and their 2, Davie, Charles & I and our 3 boys were all here. Add to that that Missy brought Henry, their Springer Spaniel, and Judy brought Gidget, her Chihuahua, along with our 3 and that made for an energy filled day! The Bar-b-q was DELISH! And the weather was gorgeous. We were outside in our backyard most of the day. And at the end of the day before everybody started heading out, we did family photos. They turned out SO well! It was truly a blessed day! I couldn't have expected more. Here's a couple of the pictures from today:
From 2009 5
From 2009 5

I'll be back to share more soon. Until then...c'ya!


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