Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How is it May already?!

Where does time go? And why does it have to go so fast?! lol

I'm sure by now you've all heard about "Swine Flu". Well, our whole school district is shut down for 2 days. There is a case of it in one of our grade school and possibly more through out the district. We will be updated tomorrow as to whether the kids will go back on Wednesday or not. My kids are actually mad! They want to go to school! How blessed am I?

Well, if you remember back in February we were going to have a house guest come stay with us for a while. We had agreed to let my brothers fiance and her little girl stay with us for 1 month. But, when things weren't working out for them to get a place of their own, we decided to let them stay a little longer. Well, after 3 months we felt it was time to give them a gentle nudge. Unfortunately they weren't able to find a place they could afford so she ended up having to move to California with her Mom. I feel horrible because now because she's pregnant with my brothers baby and now he won't be able to go with her anymore to the Dr. appointments or the ultrasounds. On the other hand, they have both said they knew it needed to be done and they feel like God has a plan for them, so they're doing what needs to be done. I think this way it'll be easier for my brother to save up his money and get things straightened out for all of them. God willing!

Ok, so I was never able to find that LO I told you about in the previous post. So, I had to go back to SunshineStudioScraps.com (SUN) and save it back to my computer. At least I had uploaded it there so it wasn't completely lost. I can't figure it out... I always save all my LOs in 3s. One .PSD file, one 12x12 .JPG and a 2x2 .JPG (smaller for web upload). All three versions are completely gone! Vanished! POOF! Disappeared. Who knows...

Anyway, here is the LO. It's called "Beautiful". I made this to remember our Women's Retreat in 2007. We rented a gorgeous mansion right on the beach in Neskowin, Or. We were definitely pampered that weekend! Everything used for this LO is from Viva Artistry's kit "Infusion" found at SUN.

These next 2 LO's are ones that I made in April over at Sun for my CT requirements. This first one is called "Happiness". It is of my niece enjoying the sunshine on our first beautiful spring day. Everything I used is from Scrapidea-timkova's kit *Moss Path*, also found at SUN.

This last one is called "Being a Brother". These are my 2 youngest, Zach and Cody. (Yes, really! I named them WAY before the show came out on Disney lol) I was surprised by how many pictures I have of them loving on each other, as they seem to always be fighting! I found the word art at ScrappingWords.com and knew I had to use it. I used a template from Sya's Blueprints, 'Stripped Set 4' (Template 2). The kit I used is from Mish Bowley, 'Color Theory in Blue'. All found at SUN as well.

Speaking of the CT... I have become a permanent CT member! I am no longer a 'guest'! I am so thrilled! I have SO much fun creating for them (& myself in the meantime) and the ladies over there are so AWESOME! Come on over and check it out sometime!

Oh, I made a little ticker app. to keep track of how many LOs I get done in 2009. My goal is 100, but when I went thru and counted up how many I've already made this year I was quite surprised! I've already done 22 in 4 months! I did count desktop calendars also, but I didn't count cards. You can watch and keep track with me on the right hand side, towards the top. Can't miss it :)

I will be back tomorrow with the last 2 LOs I did for April. They are VERY cute, you don't wanna miss them. Until then... c'ya!


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