Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sorry I've been MIA...

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend. Ours was busy, busy, busy.

Saturday was mostly spent working out in our yard. We planted 3 rhodies, and a pink hydrangea out in the yard. Then we transplanted 2 miniature roses that were in the ground (and not doing so well) into 2 beautiful cedar pots we bought to put on the porch. We also planted these 2 tiny little potted plantes Zachary bought at Target for $1 each into one of the planters. They are suppose to be sunflowers, but if they really are I'll be amazed because they are just tiny little things. I don't see how they could possibly grow into big beautiful sunflowers. But they are doing really well, so we'll see. We also moved 2 lily plants we had planted in the backyard that the dogs wouldn't leave alone. They are already doing remarkable better. Yeah! Maybe we'll actually get some beautful flowers from them this year. One of them we've had for 2 years and I've only seen flowers on it once.
In the evening Mom, Debbie and her girls, and Davie all came over for a bar-b-q.

Sunday we had church service out at Hagg Lake. It was such an awesome service. They had rented this huge pavilian right on the water's edge. The weather was SO nice. The service was put together by the Men's ministries and there was a bar-b-qpotluck that followed. Four men gave their testimonies, one of them being Charles. I was SO proud of him. He was so nervous, but he did such a great job. After the service and picnic most of the families started heading home, but a few of us stayed for several hours longer. The kids all played in the water. A few of them even got to go tubin' behind Bobby's boat. Of course, Tyler had to get in on that action. Tisha did too :)

On Monday we got up at 6:30am and met the Cookman's at Hagg Lake at 8 to go hiking. They had to be done by noon so they could go to a bar-b-q at her mom and dads house. That gave us 4 hours for hiking so we figured we would hike for 2 hours then turn around where ever we were and hike back to the cars. Well... we hiked in for 2 hours, turned around and made it back to the cars in ONE hour! lol Don't know how that happened, but that's ok, because I was SO sore and tired. When we got home I came upstairs and laid on the bed and was out like a light within seconds. Here it is Wednesday and I am STILL very sore. UGH! Am I really getting that old??!!
That afternoon Mom, Debbie and her girls, came out and we all went together to take flowers out to Dads grave. Davie came out later and we had ANOTHER bar-b-q.
Just as we all thought we could wind down for the night and end the long weekend, Grandma called Debbie and said they needed to get Grandpa to the hospital. He had a fever of 102 and couldn't stand up, even with help. They tried to get him to the car, but ended up having to call 911 for an ambulance. He was admitted to the hospital and he is still there tonight. His cancer has gotten really bad again and his Doctor doesn't think he'll make it past a couple more months. Grandpa says "I'll be here at least a couple more years." <3 I love my grandpa so much! He is such a STRONG man! He just never ceases to amaze me. His oncologist said today that most people with the types of cancer Grandpas battled haven't made it nearly as long as Grandpa has. I think it's storong and unbending faith in God that continnues to pull him through. That and his love and dedication to Grandma. He truly is our hero! If you can, would you please say a prayer for my Grandpa? His name is Doug, and God know his needs. Please pray that Grandpa wins this fight. And for peace and comfort for my Grandma in this difficult time as well. Thank you so much! God bless you.
This is a LO I made for my grandpa to hang in his hospital room so he will know that he is loved VERY much and he is not alone. You've seen some of the photos in a previous post. They were taken in my backyard on Mother's Day. I'm really glad I took them now... not knowing.

I will keep you updated on my Grandpas health. Be safe and be healthy!
I did take some pictures of my new flowers, but I haven't uploaded them yet. As soon as I do I will post them. Until then... c'ya!


Melissa said...

I love the lo you made of the family. And what you wrote about grandpa it is so true. I am praying everynight for him and grandma too. She is such a strong women I hope we all can be like her.

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