Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Life...

We just realized we have new baby birds in our backyard. Tyler built us a birdhouse 2 years ago at school but it's never had any guests. While we were out bar-b-qing on Monday Tyler went out to check it out. But when he opened the front of it he was dive bombed by a black-capped chickadee. Of course I had to be nosey too, so today I went out with my camera and shot a few pics. In some of them they were being quite and restful, like this...

But in others they were chirping to beat the band, like this...

They sure aren't that cute yet as they don't even have very many feathers, but we're looking forward to watching them grow and, someday soon, leave the nest. Hopefully to return next year. I've read that they are the kind of birds that like to return to the same nest every year. We'll see.

I have those photos of my new flowers to share with you. The pink hydrangea is, of course, my favorite new flower. :) But my favorite photo is the one of Sophie, my kitty, laying next to the pot with the mini rose in it. That's a special pant to me because my sister, Debbie, and I bought that a few years back to put on Dad's grave, and then brought it home to plant in the yard to honor him. He loved roses, as do I.

These are really red. I don't know what happened to this photo.

I'm off now to visit Papa. I will update you when I return. Until then... c'ya!


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