Friday, April 30, 2010

Time for an update?

Yeah, I think so. lol.

So, NSD is this weekend!! WHAT?! You don't know what NSD is?? Oh, no, that won't do! It's National Scrapbooking Day! Any kind of scrapbooking, traditional paper or digital! But here in the digi world of scrapbooking we pull out all stops! Sales, chats, challenges and FREEBIES!!! Oh yeah! For example, if you head on over to Brandy Designs blog, she's giving away a BUNCH of QPs that were made by all of us girls on her CT. You will love them all! Go check that out to get you started.
You'll also notice that she's opening a new store over at Scrapable. Check that out too, while you're there. She is re-releasing several of her kits plus she's got lots of new stuff exclusive to Scrapable. I am so excited to work with her new stuff!! In fact, I've already used one of her Template Packs, "Fingerprints Set 2" along with one of her older kits "Gone Huntin". Here is the page I made:
You will also still find Brandy's Designs at Polka Dot Plum. I don't have the link yet to her Scrapable store, but I will link you up as soon as I can. :)

Creations By Rachael is opening her new store this weekend, too! She can now be found at Scrap Matters, as well as her original haunts, Plucky Pear, Gotta Pixel and Scrapbook-Bytes. She has tons of great plans for NSD at each of her stores, which include sales, a blog hop, and a MASSIVE Grab Bag (which will only be available at SM)! You do NOT want to miss that! Here is a 2-pager I made using just a small bit of her Grab Bag:
Funny story... I actually made my hubby take off with me last Saturday for a special Road Trip to Astoria just so I would have pictures to scrap! We took Zach and went and found new things we'd never seen before and did new things we'd never done before. Unfortunately Zach is TERRIFIED of heights, So he and Charles stayed on the ground while I climb all the way to the top of Astoria Column. I wish I had counted the stairs, I just know I was cramping by the time I got to the top AND bottom! lol But the view from the top was outstanding! Well worth it! And we had a GREAT day!

Now for some SUPER EXCITING news of my own! I am now CTing for Ellie Lash!!! She is SUCH an amazing designer! And her style is right up my alley. I absolutely LOVE working with her kits! She has a great eye for color, texture and her doodled elements are absolutely adorable!! Here is the link to her blog. Go take a look for yourself and see how much fun she is! I am having a BLAST! Ellie took some time off from designing last year, but after about 6 months she found she was ready to come back, and I am SO glad she did! She was one of the original Sunshine Studio Scraps girls and that's where she has come back to set up shop (that's how I met her... while CTing for SUN). But, for the month of May she will be a Guest Designer over at Scrapable! (I don't have the link for that one yet either, but I will post it asap).
So far, I have had the privilege to work with 5 of her kits and have LOVED every one of them!
So far I've used "Rainy Day Ducks":
"Birds of a Feather", which is new in her SUN shop today:
and "Ladybug Hotel", a collab with Project B, also new today at SUN:

My last one will have to wait, because it's her first exclusive kit to Scrapable, and her store isn't quite open yet. Hopefully by later today...

That about wraps things up for now! I hope I've given you a little taste of what to expect this weekend. NSD is AWESOME!! I hope to see you around, shopping...and playing... and shopping, Lol! Have a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, Krista


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