Friday, April 30, 2010

All better!

I just came back to fix the images in that wonky post, and now I have some updated links! (all ads are clickable!)

First off, news from Brandy Designs. You can now find Brandy Designs' Scrapable store here, and here is her PDP store. She is having an amazing 50% off sale at BOTH of her stores, running from April 30 - May 2! Don't miss that, and don't forget to grab up that HUGE QP bundle from her blog!

Next, Ellie Lash's Scrapable store is now open! Click on her ad to go there!
And don't forget to visit her Sunshine Studio Scrap's store for more sale, sale, sale!

Now, here's what's going on with Creations By Rachael. She's having sales at ALL of her stores. Check out her ads:

Here is her NSD Grab Bag, only available at Scrap Matters:

Gotta Pixel:

Now, what are you waiting for? NSD, and the sales, will all be over Sunday night! And.... Go!

xoxo, Krista


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