Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Can you believe we are already half way through June!? How insane is that?? The kids just got out of school, but at this rate, I'm gonna blink and school will be starting again tomorrow! lol

Well, I'm not just going to let Summer pass by and not enjoy it... This last weekend, while Tyler and Cody were at Beach Retreat with our church's youth group, Charles, Zach & I drove out to the Columbia River Gorge to see Multnomah Falls and so Charles could see how good the fishing is out at Bonneville Dam. Well, since I was driving, I decided to take the Historic Scenic Highway, instead of I84 all the way there. I absolutely LOVE the old highway. It's curvy and so beautiful! You also have access to so many more sights. So we made a change of plans and the first place we stopped was The Vista House. It is a beautiful building sitting at the top of a huge rock outcropping/cliff. And the view is spectacular! Here is a pic of The Vista House: And here it is from below:
And the view:

From there we drove East and stopped at Latourell Falls. I didn't get any good pics of that one up close, because I was afraid the spray was going to damage my camera. We got pretty soaked standing at the bottom of that one! We found a really cool place along that trail to stop and take a few pics of each other: Zach's quite the photographer, isn't he? He took the one of Charles and I.

Then it was on to Sheppards Dell:

And Bridal Veil Falls, which is SO beautiful with it's 2 tiers:

Wahkeena Falls was next, but, by now it's starting to get later in the day and we still haven't made it to Multnomah Falls yet. So we decide not to hike in to get a closer look at this one, but we will definitely go back and do that soon! (I hope!) Here is the view from the trailhead: The trail to that one is to the right and you pass over a little footbridge. I couldn't help but take a minute to take this beautiful shot before moving on:

From here we took the trail left, which takes you to Multnomah Falls. Along the way we saw this spot where the water was just running down the side of the rocks and I had to get Zach's photo there: Pretty, huh?

And we finally made it! Multnomah Falls! Of course with the weather being incredibly beautiful, the place was SO full of people. But we took our pictures anyway :) Here are my guys in front of the falls: And of course, the second highest waterfall in the US, (dropping 620 feet!) Multnomah Falls: Majestic, isn't it? I can't wait to go back and hike a little farther in.(a little more prepared this time! Lol You do NOT want to go hiking in flip flops! I wasn't expecting, when we left, that we were going to be hiking) Maybe next time we'll focus on one trail and and go the distance. I now have maps of all the trails and am just itching to go again! I hope you enjoyed the journey as well!

I will be back tomorrow to catch up on my pages. I've been doing some challenges over at Scrap Orchard and there have also been a few new releases. So, until then, find the beauty around you and take joy in it!


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