Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wow! What a whirlwind weekend!

Last weekend was my 20 year High School Reunion... Why does everyone dread the reunions? I had SUCH a good time. I felt like I got a second chance to make friends with the people that I grew up with, but was too shy to get to know the first time.

My weekend actually started on Thursday, the 20th. We had a Girls Night Out at McMenamin's Grand Lodge, here in town. We only had 12-13 girls show up, but we had a really good time! Well, except for the really creepy guy who offered to take a group photo of us (and ended up breaking Chantal's camera!) who was so drunk he couldn't stand still and kept telling US to quit moving! LOL All the different photos he took with everyone's cameras are totally off centered! Cutting someone off on one end but having a huge empty spot on the other end... Whatever! But I did have a good time. I got to know some of the girls that I remember from school, but never really knew.

The reunion continued Friday Night at the Cornelius Pass Road House. It was a night for spouses, but Charles had to work on the Durango and then pick up Stephanie, so I went solo. I met up with Theresa, Mark, and Sheila (friends I have kept in contact with), but flitted around talking with a lot of different people. I was completely amazed how many people recognized me! I understand I still look pretty much the same (minus the huge 1980's glasses, lol) but I thought I did a very good job of blending into the walls in school. I was very shy in school and tried not to be noticed. I still remember the anxiousness I would feel walking through the halls, keeping my head down, not wanting to look anyone in the eye. But that is SO not me anymore and I wanted them to know that. I'm not loud and obnoxious, but I'm not afraid to look you in the eye and carry on, or even strike up, a conversation with you. I feel like that night was a real healing experience for me. I'm super glad I went and really enjoyed getting to know some of the people better.

Saturday afternoon was suppose to be a family day at Lincoln Park, but I slept in too late and missed a little bit of it! Oops! (Hey, I didn't get home until well after midnight the night before!) But I did get up and go. Again, I met up with Theresa and Sheila. We sat and ate lunch, which was catered by Maggie's Buns and was super delicious. As we were finishing up they were already coming around and taking down the tables to return to the rental place! Everyone kind'a took that as a hint I guess, because they all packed up their stuff and left! It was only 2:30 and it was suppose to go until 5! It was a gorgeous day, perfect for relaxing in the park and getting to know people more personally. But it was not to be :( I'm just happy for FaceBook where we can all still keep in touch no matter where we live these days. So awesome :)

I'm back to working on a couple different layouts. I've felt so scattered lately, I find it hard to concentrate on any one thing very long. But I will be back to share when I get something accomplished! ;) Until then... C'ya!


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