Monday, August 10, 2009

ok, I'm finally back!

Sorry I was MIA for so long! It started out being the weather preventing me from blogging. It was in the high 90-100's for about a week there and it was SO much hotter than that upstairs. We actually turned off the computers trying to prevent them from overheating. THEN, our Internet got shut off for a while. It had to wait several days before we could make a payment and get it turned back on. Then we went camping with our best friends. I have the pictures up at Picasa, click here to see them. (There would've been so many more, but I made the mistake of grabbing a different kind of batteries than I usually get and this is all the photos I got out of a 4 pack of brand new battereis! GRRR!) Then I had a horrible headache for an entire week. It just wouldn't go away for nothing! Yesterday most of my family (Myself, Charles, and all 5 of our kids, my older sister and 2 of her girls and my Mom) went to the Zoo. The weather couldn't have been better for a day at the zoo. It was SO nice. We rode the train up to the Portland Rose Garden and walked around for about an hour, then rode the train back to the zoo. We got home about 8pm and I went straight to bed because I was just so exhausted. I did not wake up until 10:00 this morning! It was just what I needed. I feel so much better today than I have in a while. I am so blessed to have such an awesome hubby who knows what I need and takes up the slack to allow me to do what I need to. Thank you, Honey! I love you so much!!! Anyway, I'm back finally. lol

So, yesterday when we were getting ready for the zoo I made the choice to not take my camera this time. I mean, how many pictures do I need of the same animals that never seem to do anything but sleep?? Right? Yeah... that was so NOT the case yesterday. So many of the animals were awake and moving around, even the tiger, who it seems is ALWAYS asleep! And the elephants! While we were watching, the keeper was getting ready to feed Baby Sumadra and her Mommy. We couldn't see the keeper from the position he took, but all of a sudden Mommy started posing and doing tricks! She bowed, laid down, and shook like a wet dog, lol. But the best part was when she lifted her left front foot with her trunk and then skipped to the end of the coral where she finally got her food. It was SO cute! We were all so impressed and entertained. I'm glad we didn't miss it. Of course, I have no photos to show for it... :( Then we got to go up to the Rose Garden. It was SO incredible. Beautiful flowers all around and the view of Portland was overwhelming. Gorgeous! No pics :( But a great reason to go back sometime when we have more time to hang around. I also want to go up to the Japanese Gardens. The camera will definitely be taken next time!

We've also celebrated my niece Akailas 6th birthday. It was a beautiful day that we spent in the park. Debbie had brought a whole case of bottled water for everyone so we wouldn't get too hot, but my mischievious hubby got a great idea to poke a tiny hole in his cap and started spraying the little ones. Before we knew it ALL the kids had bottles and started spraying each other. Then they just threw the caps and started chasing each other down and dumping the whole bottle on their victim, LOL. The whole case was used to keep everyone cooled down alright, just not in the way Debbie had in mind. LMBO! I've got those photos here.

I haven't done a Photo of the Day in months, I know, but I just HAVE to share this one. It'll surely make you smile :) I have to giggle everytime I see it!

I haven't done any scrappin' lately :( but it's a new month, so I must get back in the swing of things and get something done. You know how I love to share, so until then... C'ya!


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