Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm BACK!!

Did anybody miss me? :P

If you've followed my blog at all recently, then you know a little bit about my Grandparents. Well, it is with mixed feelings that I tell you that on February 25th Grandpa went home to be with our Lord and Savior. I have yet to feel the sadness that is sure to come at some point, as I am so consumed with the joy of knowing he is no longer suffering. No more disease, pain, broken body. He is rejoicing with the angels (and hopefully being reunited with my Dad ;) ). He went very quietly and peacefully in his sleep, which is such a blessing to all of us. His funeral and burial services were beautiful. He was buried with full military honors, 21 gun salute and all. Grandma was given the flag that was draped over his casket, as well as the gun casings, which we now have displayed in a frame on top of the TV. Grandpa was an AMAZING man who is loved and missed so very much!
Grandma will continue to live here with us. She has had a few health issues herself recently, so we've still got our hands full, but I can't imagine her being anywhere else. I would worry constantly whether she was getting to proper care and LOVE that she needs. Right now we are on a mission to find help in getting her some new hearing aids. Did you know that Medicare does not cover them? Does that make any sense? Medicare = old people (hehe) and old people generally = hearing aids! How can they not cover them!? And so the journey continues into this new strange world of caring for Grandma :) <3

Alrighty, so, with all of that, there was quite a while when I was not able to do ANYthing on my compute :( I SO missed my digiscrapping, my therapy! So I HAD to make time for it. It is the one thing that is truly mine. ME time! So here I am, back at it, YAY! And I want to share with you some of the pages I've made. A few of them therapeutic in their own way.

We have been trying to get all of Grandma's stuff out of their old house and go through it to see what she wants kept, passed down, etc. In all f that I have found SO many old photos! What a treasure trove it has been! I was able to scan a few of them in and scrap them to preserve some special memories. Here we go...
This first one is a tribute to my amazing Grandma. Her life has been anything but easy, but through it all she has maintained two things: Her faith in God, and her beautiful smile. I love her!

The photo in this next one is of my Great Grandparents, Andrew and Hazel Helling, and their two children, Grandma, Clare, and Uncle Dean. I LOVE this photo! They just look like the perfect little family. Not mention, Grandma is SUCH a little doll! Hehe, the cow on Great Grandma's dress makes me giggle tho. ;)

Fonts - Beautiful and Problem Secretary Normal.

Aww, this next page is very special to me. Every time Grandma talks about her and Grandpa she has to tell you they were together 33 1/2 years. She is very proud of that and yet, of course, wishes it could be longer. I wanted to make this page honoring those wonderfully blessed years. No greater love have I been such a close witness of. And I was/am blessed to be loved by them both.
Kit - "While We Were Out" (Scrappity-Doo-Dah Blog Hop Freebie).
Alpha - "Delicate Metal Alpha" by Creations By Rachael.
Fonts - Aquarelle and Teresa.

Did you notice something? All the templates I used are by the same AMAZING designer. I have been lucky enough to be on as a guest CT member for PhotoCowGirl this last month and I have LOVED it! She is incredible! WELL... Today I got a message from her asking me if I would like to stay on her CT full-time! YES!! I am SO excited! As I told her, I was secretly hoping she would ask ;) I'm really enjoying her products and look forward to getting to know all the girls there a little better. Thanks, again, Amanda!! You ROCK!!
By the way you can find all of her products here, at

Until next time... I hope the sun is shining wherever you are!


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