Tuesday, August 3, 2010

MIA... but not forever!

I am so sorry for my absence the last couple of months. I have been having some SERIOUS computer problems. I started getting the "Blue Screen of Death" at the beginning of the summer, or thereabout, and it has only gotten far worse! It got to the point where my computer wouldn't even turn on at all! We have replaced the Power Supply and the Hard Drive, but we are still experiencing the same thing. My hubby is pretty sure we're going to have to replace the Motherboard next. This has been SUCH a NIGHTMARE!!

I was SO looking forward to Summer and not having to babysit, so I could scrap my hiney off ;) and even posted in a couple forums about wanting to step out into the designing world a little. I'm wanting to find a designer I can work with that will allow me to use their kits to make QPs and make a little money at it. If you are interested or know someone who may be, please give me a shout! Leave me a message here or email me at kjkreations@ymail.com. I am VERY anxious to get back to scrapping. I have so many new photos from this Summer that I need to get done.

Speaking of new photos, my Hubby and I just celebrated our 15th anniversary on July 15th and we finally got to go on our first Honeymoon! We are a blended family, so when we got married we were an instant family of 5 and were not comfortable leaving all the kids behind so soon (they were 2,3 and 4 yo). But this year we finally took some time to ourselves and we had SUCH a good time! It was really good for the both of us. It wasn't anything grand, but it was just the two of us, enjoying our time together, and that was such a blessing.

Anyway, hopefully I will be back full time very soon! I have missed my computer SO badly :( Wish me luck!


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